Hostos Research Center (HRC)
Committee on Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG)
2024 IDEAS Project Development Award
Innovating, Developing and Executing Actions with Success
Program Solicitation

The Hostos Research Center (HRC) and the Committee on Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG) invite Faculty and Staff to submit IDEAS – Innovating, Developing and Executing Actions with Success Project proposals addressing institutional needs and/or current research questions with potential to be translated and materialized into external funding opportunities.
Each HRC-CSPG – IDEAS Project will receive $1,000 or $2,000 (see below Award Information) as a summer 2024 stipend / start-up funding to develop a grant proposal to be submitted to an external funding opportunity. This initiative is aligned with the HRC-CSPG’s mission of fostering a sustained institutional grants culture by creating an environment to encourage everyone to apply successfully for grants. Collaborative research including intra- and inter-departmental/division collaboration, and team building initiatives are welcome.

Award Information
Anticipated Funding Amount: $10,000
Award Amount: Individual submission $1,000 and team submission (i.e., two or more individuals) up to $2,000.

Eligibility Information
Who May Submit Proposals: Full and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to apply as PI/Co-PIs. Full/part-time staff are eligible to apply/participate in a proposed project but request for salary/compensation is not allowed. Executive staff may participate as Co-PIs but are not eligible for a funding award. Previous IDEAS award recipients are eligible to apply but priority will be given to those who have not applied/received an award in prior rounds.
Proposal New Deadline: Friday, June 21, 2024, at 11:59 PM. See Proposal Preparation Instructions section outlined below. 
Award Notification: Friday, June 28, 2024. HRC-CSPG award decision will be communicated to applicants by email.

Proposal Preparation Instructions

Proposals should be no more than two pages long and should include the following sections:
1)   Project Title
2)   Abstract – Up to 200-word limit snapshot of the project including rationale, objectives/hypothesis, activities/methodology, expected outcomes.
3)   Project Narrative | No more than two pages long and should include the following sections:
a)   Rationale for the project – What is the problem(s) / need(s) you will address? Any relationship to previous work (your work or others' work)? What is(are) the overarching goal(s)?
b)   Objectives | Hypothesis – The specific actions and measurable steps needed to achieve the goal(s). | If research component, what is the research question you will explore?
c)   Activities | Methodology – How will the problem(s) / need(s) be solved? Activities to achieve objectives and goal(s). | If research component, the Research Methods to explore the research question/hypothesis.
d)   Timeline for the work (e.g., biweekly, month by month) – Keep in mind that this is a short-term project of about 3.5 months.
e)   Future Plan – Identify potential external funding opportunities and programs (e.g., NSF, NIH, NEH, Gates Foundation). Next steps to take when funds end. Provide a brief explanation why the identified funding opportunity is appropriate for the current proposal.
4)   References – Provide literature used to craft/back up project narrative.
5)   Biosketch – Two-page long biosketch (NSF-style format).
Proposal Font, Spacing and Margin Requirements (NSF-style format)
The proposal should meet the following requirements:
a)   Use one of the following fonts:
·      Arial (not Arial Narrow) at a font size of 10 points or larger; or
·      Times New Roman at a font size of 11 points or larger.
b)   Margins, in all directions, must be at least an inch.
c)    Single spaced format.
d)   Paper size must be no larger than standard letter paper size (8 1/2 by 11").

Submission Portal

Please click here to access the IDEAS Project Application Template.

Please click here to submit IDEAS Project Development Award.


CSPG Co-Chairs
Professor Yoel Rodríguez, Ph.D. | Email:
President Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D. | Email:

Expectations for Winning Awards

To make meaningful progress on the development of a grant application based on the awarded project proposal, to be submitted to an external funding source. A summary of the progress of the grant application, including any potential funding sources, is to be submitted to HRC-CSPG on or before Friday, October 18, 2024.
Please click here to acces the abstracts from the 2023 IDEAS Winning Proposals.