The classic story of Princess Aurora cursed to sleep by the malevolent Carabosse (AKA Maleficent) and awakened after 100 years by the pure love of Prince Désiré. An enchanting world of fairies and illuminating vignettes from other tales is brought onstage by the dancers of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Synopsis: In a magic Kingdom, a Princess was born and named Aurora. During her birth celebration, three good fairies arrived with gifts. Aurora received the gift of courage and levity but before the Lilac Fairy bestowed hers the evil fairy Carabosse (AKA Maleficent) appeared. Carabosse gave the Princess a terrible curse for not being invited. Before the sun set on Aurora’ sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger and die. The Lilac Fairy cast her spell to soften Carabosse’s curse: Aurora will not die, rather fall in a deep slumber, only to be awaken by true love. On the day of her sixteenth’s birthday, noble suitors came for the Princess hand. Among them was Prince Désiré. The Maleficent soon appeared and put Aurora in a trance; the Princess pricked her finger and felled in a deep sleep. The Lilac Fairy steered Désiré in Aurora’s dream and he bestowed a gentle kiss on the Princess, breaking the curse. The court assembled to celebrate the marriage of Aurora and Désiré, and the festivities began with a series of divertissements danced by characters from other tales.

Presented by Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

    RESERVED SEATING: $45.00 (children under age 2 are free)
    in presale or $49.00 (day of the show)
    Tickets online
    (718) 518-4455