Twelve Hostos professors have been awarded research grants from the Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York (PSC-CUNY).

The educators include faculty members Craig Bernardini, Louis Bury, Stacey Cooper, Andrew Connolly, Sean Gerrity, Sarah Hoiland, Maria del Carmen Inda Garcia, Anna Ivanova, immaculada Lara Bonilla, Krystyna Michael, Vladimir Ovtcharenko, and Nicole Wallenbrock. Research topics run the gamut from climate change to protein development.

The PSU-CUNY Research Award Program was established as a major vehicle for the University's encouragement and support of research. Its goals are to enhance the University's role as a research institution; further the professional growth and development of its full-time instructional staff; and provide support for both the established and the younger scholar.

Provost Christine Mangino noted in an e-mail to the award winners that, although the usual celebratory luncheon will not take place this year, she hopes that “once we are back on campus we can celebrate the completion of your research projects. Congratulations and all the best!”