On November 9, Salim Rayman, Program Coordinator of Hostos’ Dental Hygiene Program, announced that students in the Program scored a 100% pass rate on their Clinical License Exam. A total of 37 men and women took the exam in October.
“This shows the commitment and dedication of our students and faculty despite all the obstacles during these uncertain times,” Rayman said.
Interim President Daisy Cocco De Filippis agreed with Rayman. “This is absolutely wonderful news,” she said. “I applaud the students for their hard work, and thank the Dental Hygiene faculty for their superlative instruction.”
The students are:  Yinny Ortega, Samantha Asiedu, Gabriella Castillo, Haiyue Cui, Keiry Defrank, Glenys De León, Meizhu Deng, Elibeth Diaz, Alexis Hayes, Carlos Pineda León, Michelle Rivadeneyra, April Rojas, Altagracia Fernández, William Flores, Juliana Gallego, Sanwax García, Teresa George, Raquel González, Jorge González, Alexander González Sierra, Hua Jin, Terby Saadah, Laura Segura, Fatima Sheikh, Brian Hunter, Minseo Kim, María Liza Lim, Zhaoxia Luo, Akhmed Madalbaev, Adolfo Martín, Carmen Moronta, Kayleen Nup, Zairy Aleman, Nallelis Peralta, Richard Tejada, Juan Torosina, and Llamel Desangles López.
Congratulations to all!