Dr. Carlos Molina, Isis M. Mejia, Irfan Hasan, Darryl E. Rogers

Friday, October 25 (Bronx, NY) - Ten students, who successfully completed the Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development’s first Bridge-to-LPN program, were honored at a recognition ceremony on October 4, 2013.  These students refused to let any obstacles stand in their way as they worked toward earning a degree in nursing.
So it was fitting that Hostos student Isis M. Mejia, a bilingual, single mother of two, who received the highest score on the CUNY Assessment Tests (CATS), was selected to be the student speaker at the recognition ceremony.  She is also smart enough to know that sometimes you need to cross a few bridges before you get to your ultimate destination.
Isis used the Bridge-to-LPN program to help her enroll in Hostos’ Practical Nursing Program. Bridge-to-LPN supportive services to low-income bilingual students, including a 12-week intensive academic and college readiness program designed to prepare students for the college-level math, writing and science requirements need to successfully pass the CUNY Assessment Tests (CATS) and enroll at Hostos. Isis’ phenomenal achievement was recognized at a special ceremony held on October 4 in the Faculty Dining Room. At the ceremony, Isis said she was proud to begin her college career as a single working mother of two.
“The Bridge-to-LPN Program was not only a 12-week intensive course to prepare us to get into Hostos, it was a program to gain experience, support, encouragement, motivation, and so much more,” Isis said at the ceremony. “Where there's a will, there's a way! Being a single mother of two in New York City, juggling being a full-time mom, a full-time student, and full-time employee, this is a phrase that sticks with me today.”
Darryl E. Rogers, senior coordinator for Bridge-to-LPN, praised the work of Isis and all the students.
“Isis Mejia is an exceptionally bright young mother of two who juggled a full-time job, yet was also always willing to provide assistance to her classmates,” Darryl Rogers, senior coordinator, said. “She did very well on the CUNY Assessment Tests (CATS), and I have every confidence she, and all the students, will have a successful freshman year at Hostos.”
Other students who were recognized were: Eusmeiry Bello, Maria Bello, Zolia E. Hernández, Scarlett L. Ortíz, María R. Rodríguez, Guillermina M. Rojas, Maylee Roman-Overman, Rossy A. Sánchez, and Nancy R. Tufino.
Dr. Carlos Molina, Vice President of the Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development congratulated the students for their accomplishment and praised them for their hard work and determination to succeed. Irfan Hasan, Program Officer-Health & People with Special Needs of the New York Community Trust was also in attendance and praised the graduates.
The Bridge-to-LPN Program is supported by funding from the New York Community Trust.
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