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Over 80 students participated in the 9th Hostos STEM Olympiad, and NYS Math League Contest held on November 19th and November 21st during the 2019 Hostos Science Week. Three new disciplines were part of this year's edition: Introduction to General Chemistry (CHE 105-110), Differential Equations (MAT 360), and Linear Algebra with Vector Analysis (MAT 320).
“The Hostos STEM Olympiad aims to expand students’ horizons in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We want to encourage them to face challenges by thinking outside the box, to increase their engagement in STEM fields, and ultimately to assist them on their journey to becoming great human beings and professionals who contribute to society,” said Professor Rodríguez. “The competition atmosphere was inspiring. We need to keep embarking on these kinds of initiatives to nurture excellence on our STEM students and programs.”
The award ceremony took on December 5th in the Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos. The winners of the 9th Hostos STEM Olympiad and NYS Math League Contest are:
Timed Question Category
BIO 210: Raynel Sánchez
CHE 105-110: Foster Atanga
CHE 210: Othniel Kassongo
CHE 220: Mohammed Aden
CHE 310: Sadia Nipa
PHY 210: Anupa Ilandari
PHY 220: No winner
MAT 220: No winner
MAT 320: Francisco Javier Gómez Pérez
MAT 360: Alpha Bah
ENGR 204: Baowend Ouedraogo
Challenge Questions Category:
BIO 210
1st Place: Raynel Félix Sánchez De Los Santos
2nd Place: Kholood Sherhan
3rd Place: Marilu Guadarrama
CHE 105-110
1st Place: No winner
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: Foster Atanga
CHE 210
1st Place: Othniel Kassongo
2nd Place: Mario Elliot Ruiz
3rd Place: No winner
CHE 220
1st Place: No winner
2nd Place: Ronny Vintimilla
3rd Place: No winner
CHE 310
1st Place: Sadia Nipa
2nd Place: Kossi Agbekodo
3rd Place: Mustafa Hssi
PHY 210
1st Place: Alpha Bah
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: Elmer Ortiz
PHY 220
No winners
MAT 220
1st Place: Soualipouguini Tankoano
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: No winner
MAT 320
1st Place: Alpha Sow and Jasson Polanco
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: No winner
MAT 360
1st Place: Israel Arcos
2nd Place: Alpha Bah and Eulis Manuel Martínez Estévez
3rd Place: No winner
ENGR 204
1st Place: No winner
2nd Place: Baowend Ouedraogo and Inoussa Kabore
3rd Place: No winner
NYS Math League Contest – Fall 2019
1st Place: Brandon Jines
2nd Place: Baowend Ouedraogo
3rd Place: Kingsley Odae
The Olympiad is possible thanks to the support of the passionate faculty from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics who make up the Olympiad Committee. And gratitude to the Hostos Office of Students Activities, Student Government Association, Engineering Program, NSF HEAT, BMI, CSTEP, Office Communications, and the Conference Center.