(Left to right: Yanna M. Almonte,
Hostos Associate Dean Ana García Reyes, Angélica Feliz)
Hostos students Yanna M. Almonte, who will serve as Hostos’ 2019 Valedictorian, and Angélica Feliz were honored during the 4th Annual National Dominican Day Parade Scholarship Award Ceremony that took place at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling on April 24.

The Dominican Parade Board of Directors raised $200,000 and was able to give 52 scholarships to high achieving Dominican students who are attending public and private higher learning institutions.

Hostos Assistant Vice President of College Affairs Dolly Martínez and Associate Dean Ana García Reyes attended the ceremony. Dean García Reyes congratulated the students and said, "I feel very proud of Yanna’s and Angélica’s academic accomplishments and wish them both continued success on their educational journey."