On February 27, Dominican Sunday in partnership with the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic Carlos Castillo and, Hostos Community College Associate Dean of Community Relations Ana García Reyes, bestowed six distinguished community leaders and professionals with the Hijo Adoptivo Dominicano (Adoptive Dominican) Award.

Dominican Sunday awwardeesThe 2019 Hijo Adoptivo Dominicano award went to Randall Berman, Chief Operating Officer of Inka Cola; George Hulse, Vice President and Senior Advisor to the CEO, Emblem Health Care; David B. Samadi, Chief of Robotic surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital; Martín García, project manager in the construction industry; Soldanela Rivera López, Director of Presidential Strategic Initiatives at Hostos Community College; and, Father John P. Duffell. The 2019 Hijo Adoptivo Dominicano Award ceremony was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Altagracia Hiraldo, Ruth Hulse, Melania García, and MC Zenaida Méndez.

A special thank you to New York City elected officials who joined the celebration and presented all the honorees with congressional, senate, assembly, and city council citations and proclamations.