Book Cover image The Other Side of the American Dream

Alumnus Dionel Del Orbe, ’15, is proud of his mother and grateful beyond words for her dedication.

“My mother attended Hostos in 1986 but wasn't able to graduate due to the responsibilities in raising five kids on her own. She sacrificed a lot in order to support us. I’m the youngest and I just graduated from City College with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and all of us graduated from college thanks to her valor, strength, and support,” said Del Orbe.

Del Orbe let Hostos know that his mother self-published a book, available on Amazon, titled “La Otra Cara del Sueño Americano” (The Other Side of the American Dream). As her book describes, Marta came to this country by herself, received very little support, and was unable to move ahead and become a doctor. She describes her experience as “the-Hispanic-who-didn't-make-the-cut” and fell short of the American Dream.

For Dionel, his mother is a hero, and her book is a testament of her tenacity and will to help others. “That’s what she wanted most for her children, for us to be better and do better,” he shared.  “And she achieved that and wants to let other people know the price that comes with achieving the American Dream. That's why I want to let as many people as possible know that she wrote this book.”
“La otra cara del sueño Americano”
(Only in Spanish)