Image of College Discovery students preparing for Midnight Run
On November 20, the College Discovery (CD) Program held its 5th Annual Midnight Run, an event where CD students enter communities with a high incidence of homeless and transient individuals and provide food, hygiene products, and moral support. Over sixty students from CD and the CD Club’s leadership—Mykelti Sosa (President), Jeremy Quinones (Vice President), Luis Contreras (Secretary), and Keanna Linares (Treasurer)—participated in this student-lead event that covered parts of the Bronx and Manhattan.

Maria Cano, Director of College Discovery at Hostos, stated that, “without the strong leadership and dedication of the club’s advisor, Eric Rodríguez, who has been a staunch supporter of this initiative and an inspiration to our students, this event would not had been possible.” 

A counselor for the CD program, Rodríguez has served as the CD Club advisor for the past six years. When he decided to re-establish the club in 2014, he did so with the idea of having service learning be part of the club’s foundation. He challenged the members to think of an action that would be meaningful to them and an extension of the College’s mission. At the time, club President and CD student, Ashley Vásquez, suggested a clothing drive followed by a “midnight run” where club members would distribute clothing to the homeless. Through careful planning, and unconditional support from CD Peer Leader Stephanie Torres, the clothing drive became the event that it is today.     

Students participating in the “Midnight Run” receive instructional guidance counseling in how to engage with the men and women they will serve. The leadership of College Discovery remind students that during “Midnight Run” they represent Hostos Community College, College Discovery, and The City University of New York.

Comments from student participants: 

“The Midnight Run was a fun and eye-opening experience that showed me the similarities of homeless individuals from different areas. Regardless of area, our service not only provided resources for individuals but the event enriched the student experience for all participants.”
            - Mykelti Sosa (CD Club President)

“It was a way to help those who needed help the most. It gave me happiness to see how happy they were during the event.”
            -Damian Grant (DC Club Member)

“My experience at the Midnight Run was great. It was an opportunity to reflect on the many ways we can give back to the community. I am grateful to be part of the CD Club and the life experiences it has provided.”
            -Leydi Bautista (Former Club Secretary)

“My experience at the Midnight Run was one of a kind and showed me that it’s always good to give back.”
            - Miriam Orellana (CD Club Member)
“Seeing their smiles made the experience.”
            - Jeremy Quinones (CD Club Vice- President)

About College Discovery
The College Discovery (CD) Program has been a part of The City University since 1964, and signed into law by the New York State legislature in 1966 as the City University’s higher education opportunity program. CD was created to provide access to CUNY’s economically disadvantaged students, who graduated from high schools that had not prepared them for the rigors of college. The success of College Discovery is reflected in the performance of its students. Retention and graduation rates consistently exceed those of regularly admitted students.
About College Discovery Club
The CD Club is devoted to enriching the student experience with service learning opportunities and community engagement. The Midnight Run provides an ideal opportunity for students to acquire these experiences.