Hostos Dental Hygiene Student’s Research Published in Peer Reviewed Journal

For the first time in its history, the November 2020 edition of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, a dental hygiene peer reviewed journal, will include a submission from a current Hostos dental hygiene student.

“Effects of a Plant Based Diet on Oral Health” is the result of a collaboration between Raymond Dimartino and Professor Diana Macri, Assistant Professor in the Dental Hygiene Unit. As part of coursework for DEN 122 Oral Microbiology, offered in the spring 2020 semester, students were assigned a research paper. To prepare for the process of writing a research paper, Professor Macri reviews the concepts surrounding evidence-based dentistry, a practice critical to the dental hygiene process of care. After a tutorial on accessing the library’s databases, the students work in teams to complete their research. Raymond elected to work alone and submitted an excellent research paper which Professor Macri believed should be seen by professional dental hygienists. After making additions and edits, the manuscript was submitted in the summer of 2020 and went through the peer review process. After final revisions, the manuscript was accepted and appears in the November edition of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene.

Raymond has plans to continue his education after graduating from Hostos, hoping to pursue a degree in nutrition. He is an excellent writer and has a passion for health care, specifically, the power of nutrition to heal. He is currently working on another research paper, again assigned by Professor Macri, as part of coursework for Oral Pathology.

Dimensions of Dental Health Hygiene