Hostos Community College’s Honors Program wrapped up the Fall 2021 semester with a virtual gala on Thursday, December 9, 2021. Moderated by the program’s Co-Directors Professor Ernest Ialongo and Professor Cynthia Jones and the program’s Coordinator Ms. Karina Castro, the end-of-the year event provided a forum for students and faculty to share their experiences in the challenging but rewarding program.
The Honors courses discussed were HIS 210H, taught by Professor Ialongo; POL 101H, taught by Professor Helen Chang; and VPA 181H, taught by Professor Angel Morales. Additionally, Honors contracts completed by Barbara Dzakwei and Justine-Juliette Grindley were recognized, as were their supervising Professors, Kris Burrell and Ian Scott, respectively. Students Folusho Adeoti, Justine Grindley, Barbara Dzakwei, Dulce Luna, Leaghton Ozoria, Brandon Smith, Jennifer Villegas, and Sadia Zaman each read from the short reflective essays they’d written reflecting on what they learned and will take with them from the program. The students’ essays were compiled in a beautiful booklet for which Grindley designed the cover. 
Provost Charles Drago provided a pre-recorded greeting, which was shared with attendees.
To close, Dean Johanna Gomez congratulated the students on a job well done and wished them continued success. Professor Ialongo also offered them words of inspiration, encouraging them to believe in themselves. “You are the barometer of what you will achieve,” he reminded them.