Engineering and HEAT Cohort with Professor Rodriguez
In conjunction with The City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering (CCNY’s GSoE), Hostos Community College offers the Joint Dual (JD) Engineering Degree Program. Hostos Professor Yoel Rodríguez, Ph.D., coordinator of the joint dual engineering degree programs, shared some great news about recent graduates and alumni of the program.
12 students recently graduated from Grove with degrees in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering.
Khalid Naitbourhim, Luis M. Tejada Ortis, Christian F. Huacón Bermello, and Julio Alexander Inga, and Christian Aravena graduated with high honors.
Five alumni of the program have recently completed or are currently pursuing Master of Science Degrees in Engineering:  Ricky Bhola, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, NYU (Winter 2020); Luis García, Master of Science in Engineering (Embedded Systems), UPenn (Fall 2019); Alpha Oumar Barry, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Structural Design and Construction, NJIT (Spring 2020). In Fall 2019 Wendy Fernández was accepted at Columbia University to pursue her Master of Science in Engineering and Isamar Garrido Rodríguez is working toward her Master of Science Degree in Cosmetic Science at the University of Cincinnati.
Alumna Oluwafemi Ligan is currently pursuing a Ph.D. Degree in Chemical Engineering at UPenn. 
HEAT Scholars brand ID image
National Science Foundation-funded Hostos Engineering Academic Talent (HEAT) Scholars Kingsley Odae and Mohamed Aden have been accepted to Cornell University and begin their studies this autumn.
The Engineering and HEAT Programs will present their outcomes at the 34th Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Conference on October 26-28, 2020. Click here to access the HACU website.
“The Hostos JD Engineering Program is immensely proud of these remarkable students/alumni. Their perseverance and hard work are paying off. They are dreaming big and this is what our current society needs the most from them; creative problem-solvers. They are becoming the role models for current STEM students and generations to come. They are excelling with exemplarity. We cannot wait to see their next groundbreaking achievements,” said Professor Rodríguez.
Moreover, Professor Rodríguez points out that these impressive achievements would not have been possible without the collective effort and support of the Faculty Advisors from the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Departments, the Hostos Advising Programs, Hostos STEM Program, the Office of Academic Affairs, the President Office, the Office of Communications, the CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering, the Hostos Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Offices. The Engineering Program is grateful to the whole Hostos community.