Student Mohamed Aden

Even in difficult times, good things still happen.
Just ask Hostos student Mohamed Aden. Earlier this month he received a message from Cornell University stating that he’d been accepted into its College of Engineering. He’ll begin his studies there this fall. He graduated this year with an A.S. Degree in Environmental Engineering.
Born in Somalia, Mohamed Aden is a co-founder of a start-up business for a solar energy construction and consultancy company. His interest engineering and energy stem the collapse of public utilities in the aftermath of civil war in his homeland. “I used to read and do my homework using candlelight or a paraffin lamp,” Aden said. “When I was 10,  our neighborhood got its first solar panels. Electricity for my home and the entire village became possible.”
Aden is excited at the prospect of transferring to Cornell, one of his “dream schools.” He added:  “I will take full advantage of every learning opportunity… I would like to contribute to the world and make a change. I am looking forward to the future and help many countries and many people.”