On March 13, in an event that combined the spirit of philanthropy and family, the Hostos Community College Foundation awarded Josephine Aguado Scholarship Awards to six students, all of whom are single mothers.

The scholarship is named for William “Bill” Aguado’s late mother Josephine, who as a single parent raised him. It is through this experience and the recognition of the many sacrifices single parents make for children that the Josephine Aguado Scholarship Fund was created. Bill Aguado is a longtime community leader and former Vice Chair of the Hostos Foundation,
Bill has supported the College and charitable organizations in the Bronx for decades. At the ceremony in the Longwood Gallery, students, faculty and staff members expressed their appreciation for Bill and his wife Kathi Pavlick.

The 2014 recipients of Josephine Aguado Scholarships were Ichrak El-Yousfi, Idritza Ramos, Jacqueline Pizarro, Lisa Ledesma, Natasha Lloyd, and Samantha Maldonado and each received $1,000.

Hostos President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez said that not only has Bill been a loyal supporter of the College but also a source of inspiration. “We are so blessed to have generous friends who understand the importance of giving back to the community,” Matos Rodríguez said. “Hostos has the largest percentage of students who are single parents in the CUNY system. It is vitallyimportant to give them the help they need to build a better future for their families.”

BronxNet’s Rhina Valentín hosted the event and congratulated all the award recipients, encouraging them to keep pursuing their goals.

Hostos Vice President for Institutional Advancement Ana M. Carrión-Silva also praised the students for their hard work and reminded them that they were not only receiving a certificate and some financial support, but a vote of confidence from Bill and Kathy on behalf of Josephine. She also thanked Nydia R. Edgecombe, Director of Alumni Relations, for organizing
the awards ceremony in the Longwood Art Gallery.

The event concluded with the scholarship recipients reading personal letters of gratitude to Bill and Kathy. Occasionally overcome with emotion, Bill said he was proud that his mother’s legacy lives on through the educational achievements of these students.

“I cannot think of a better investment in the future than supporting and recognizing the role that single mothers play in our community,” he said. Most importantly, I encourage the public to support the education of our children through scholarships, like the Josephine Aguado Award or directly within your community.

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