Joelle and family
Joelle González-Laguer (second from right) enjoyed his big day with his father, retired firefighter captain William "Tite" Gonzalez (left); his mother, emeritus professor Guillermina Laguer (second from left); and the Mayor of Isabela, Carlos Delgado Altieri.
In August, award-winning filmmaker and Hostos adjunct lecturer from the Behavioral Social Sciences Department Joelle González-Laguer was celebrated by his hometown, Isabela, Puerto Rico, during the bicentennial of the town's founding.

The local nonprofit organization La Casa de la Cultura Isabelina selected González-Laguer and an official resolution was drafted and presented by Carlos Delgado Altieri, the mayor of Isabela, as part of a two-day event held on Aug. 24-25. Jose Torres Mena, President of the Municipal Legislature, also highlighted González-Laguer’s career as a filmmaker and recognized him for his15 years of service as a higher education pioneer.

"My films have been shown in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, USA and Puerto Rico, and that brings lots of personal satisfaction and prestige. However, I am extremely honored to have been recognized by my home town of Isabela, Puerto Rico,” González-Laguer said. “There were many emotional moments during the award's ceremony, specifically my parents attending, who just celebrated their 50th Anniversary. It was such a special honor by the Municipal Legislature of Isabela and the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico."

González-Laguer contributed to the bicentennial with a well-attended screening of two of his films, including his latest, a 17-minute short about the forgotten Guajataca train tunnel, which is located in Isabela.

Previously on Aug 22, the House of Representatives approved “Motion 4542” by petition of Honorable Felix G. Lassalle Toro— the representative for Isabela, Moca, and San Sebastian—to celebrate the extraordinary work González-Laguer has done to promote Puerto Rican culture.