Photo of Professor Maria Subert
Maria Subert brings international experience to her work as an assistant professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Unit of Hostos’ Humanities Department. Born in Hungary, fluent in a half-dozen languages, Subert has lived and studied in Budapest, Frankfurt, and Geneva as well as the United States. Her areas of expertise include intercultural communications, moral and ethical communication, hate crimes, social justice, peace and conflict, and identity narratives. 
Given the state of the world, Subert believes that the field of communications is more important than ever. Understanding and empathy are crucial to resolving the ethnic, racial, and societal troubles plaguing the globe.
Subert recently completed her postgraduate studies at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. Focusing on conflict resolution and crisis management, Subert dealt specifically with ethnic conflict and questions of nationality and identity.
The Romani people have been the subject of a great deal of her scholarship, and issues relating to the historical abuse and oppression of the Romani population figured into her fellowship year. The Roma have often been the victims of hate crimes and other injustices over the centuries. In an age when systemic racism is receiving unprecedented scrutiny, research like Subert’s takes on additional significance.
“We are not victims,” a chapter from a work in progress dealing with the Romani, will be published next year in a German collection on sustainable peace.
Subert was delighted to learn recently that her class on inter-cultural communication has been added to Hostos’ Fall 2020 class list. She’ll be teaching the class via the Web – and it’s a sure bet that this expert in communication will make it a class worth remembering!