STEM Olympiad attendees
Dozens of Hostos students challenged themselves and competed in the 8th Hostos STEM Olympiad this spring.

The STEM Olympiad, which kicked off April 11, is one of the many events held by the Natural Sciences and Mathematics departments at Hostos. The event is designed to showcase scholars’ academic excellence, inspire them to think outside the box, encourage them to pursue and remain in STEM disciplines, as well as foster a sense of community. STEM Olympiad is organized by the Hostos Olympiad Committee-consisting of faculty from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics departments, the Student Government Association, and support from the Office of Student Activities and the Conference Center.

Professor Yoel Rodríguez of the Natural Sciences department said the event was well-received and boasted a great turnout. “The Hostos STEM Olympiad has become successful and popular among our students,” he shared. “Students like to be exposed to challenges and compete.”

Overall, 55 students competed, answering timed and challenge questions across nine disciplines. Participants and winners were recognized in an award ceremony hosted by Professor Rodríguez on May 7.
The winners of the 8th Hostos STEM Olympiad:

Timed Question Category:
MAT 210: Rashik Ahmed
MAT 220: Eulis Martínez
MAT 310: Simplice Tagnidjouo
CHE 210: Onyinyechi Obineche
CHE 220: Verónica González
PHY 210: André Lyland
ENGR204: Ndeye Bakhoum

Challenge Question Category:
MAT 210
1st Place: Rashik Ahmed
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: Adil Rahman and Lamouussa Traore

MAT 220
1st Place: Eulis Martínez
2nd Place: Alpha Bah
3rd Place: No winner

MAT 310
1st Place: Simplice Tagnidjouo
2nd Place: Sadia Nipa
3rd Place: No winner

CHE 210
1st Place: Onyinyechi Obineche
2nd Place: Ibrahim Toure
3rd Place: Ghadeer Alzoukari

PHY 210
1st Place: No winner
2nd Place: Kingsley Odae
3rd Place: Francisco Javier Gómez Pérez and Roldan Quispe

ENGR 204
1st Place: Ndeye Bakhoum
2nd Place: No winner
3rd Place: No winner