What is One Stop?

One Stop provides FREE referrals to services that can help address the needs of Hostos students so they can remain in school and succeed academically.

Hostos One Stop's Mission

Hostos One Stop’s mission is to bridge the information gap separating low-income families from life-changing public benefits, tax credits and other essential services that remain untapped and inaccessible.  These basic resources, food, health insurance, child care and tax refunds – increase the likelihood that families are healthy and stable.

One Stop harnesses America's most effective anti-poverty tools to create economic mobility for low-income families and individuals. Through a unique one-stop shop, One Stop connects people to the resources they need to attain higher education, obtain good jobs, and achieve financial self-sufficiency.

One Stop at Hostos - Who We Serve

Single Stop at Hostos - Who We Werve
Average income - $11,215
43 percent work at least part-time
42 percent have one or more children in their household
67 percent are female

From 2009 through June, 2014, Single
Stop and its partners served
families and individuals at Hostos
connecting them to
in benefits, tax refunds,
and supportive services.

Benefits Breakdown

Tax Preparation Tax Preparation
3,832 returns filed
$7,223,945 in refunds
Food Preparation Food Preparation
495 approved applications
$1,250,371 in benefits
Financial Counseling Financial Counseling
719 served
$1,438,000 in valued savings
Health Insurance Health Insurance
661 approved applications
$4,556,000 in value
Legal Counseling Legal Counseling
733 served
$3,093,777 in benefits
Other Resources Other Resources
4,634 served
$1,933,536 in value