Hostos Reopening Plan

Revised for Fall 2021



The official date for return to in-person work is now August 16, 2021. This overrides the August 2 return date that may be included in the plan and previous communications.

As a result, places in this plan where the return to campus date is written as “August 2” or “August 2, 2021” should be read as “August 16” or ”August 16, 2021.”

Note the following:

  • There is no change to the start of Phase 2, which will still begin August 2, 2021.
  • Some employees may be asked to return sooner than August 16 to address operational needs in preparation for the Fall 2021 semester.
This text in the Reopening Plan will be revised as part of a future update (planned August 2021).

Memo: Office of the Chancellor: Update on Return to Work Date & Uploading Vaccination Verification (07/26/21)

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Campus Reopening Plan

Updated July 2021 | Phases 1 and 2






  1. Introduction
  2. Governance
  3. Local Health Conditions/Triggers for Reopening
  4. About Our Campus


I. People

  1. Physical Distancing
  2. Gatherings in Enclosed Spaces
  3. Operational Activity
  4. Campus Deliveries and Drop-Off

II: Places

  1. Personal Equipment
  2. Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection
  3. Phased Reopening
  4. Communications Plan

III. Processes

  1. Screening, Testing, and Vaccinations (Updated)
  2. Tracing, Tracking, and Isolation

IV. Institution Plans


Attachment A: Physical Distancing Plan

  • Physical Distancing and Space Occupancy in Phase 1
  • Physical Distancing and Space Occupancy in Phase 2
  • Sample Floor Plan and Staffing Information
  • NEW: Preparing for Future Reductions in Physical Distancing Requirements (6 feet to 3 feet)

Attachment B: Signage Plan

  • Signs By Area
  • Sample Signs

Attachment C: Covid-19 Protective Equipment Requirement

  • Recommendations for Face Coverings and Face Masks
  • Recommendations for Protective Eyewear
  • COVID-19 Protective Equipment Requirements Chart

Attachment D: Cleaning And Disinfection Plan

  • Support and Management of Cleaning and Disinfection Processes
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Processes by Area
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for a Confirmed COVID-19 Case

Attachment E: Phase-In Plan

  • Phased Reoccupancy
  • Operations On Campus by Phase
  • Operational Activity and Phase-In

Attachment F: Ramp Down / Reclosing Plan

  • Governance
  • Circumstances that Warrant Closure
  • Ramp Down Guidance

Attachment G: Communications Plan

  • Key Messages
  • Communications by Focus Area
  • Confirmed Case Communications
  • Ramp Down/Shut Down Communications
  • Timeline

Attachment H: Screening Plan (Updated

  • Purpose
  • Procedure

Attachment I: Campus Reopening Committe

  • Coronavirus Campus Coordinator and Coronavirus Campus Liaison
  • The Campus Reopening Committee

Attachment J: Affirmation Form