Staying Safe Online

As we try to accommodate our students and colleagues in a distance education environment where the majority of interactions will likely be using tools over the Internet, it is important to keep some basic safe-computing tips in mind.

  • Don't ever share confidential/sensitive/passwords/personal information over e-mail, webchat or other online communication environments. This also holds true for sharing information over a phone call.
  • Don't share your screen or application via a tool such as Blackboard Collaborate or Skype For Business in case you may have your own or another individual's information window open. This could result in a FERPA violation. Always close/logout of any sessions that might have information that should not be disclosed to the individual you are communicating/collaborating with.
  • Be wary of using free internet-based tools and inviting students/faculty/staff to collaborate via their personal e-mail addresses. There is no way to authenticate the identity of the other individual using a personal e-mail address, and, a small typo in an email address could result in you unintentionally "inviting" someone to your group/shared folder/etc. It is strongly recommended that you only use Hostos/CUNY approved tools which authenticate and can verify the identity of the user.

For more tips on how to stay safe online, please visit our Cyber Security page.


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