Hostos Reopening Plan

Revised for Fall 2021


The official date for return to in-person work is now August 16, 2021. This overrides the August 2 return date that may be included in the plan and previous communications.

As a result, places in this plan where the return to campus date is written as “August 2” or “August 2, 2021” should be read as “August 16” or ”August 16, 2021.”

Memo: Office of the Chancellor: Update on Return to Work Date & Uploading Vaccination Verification (07/26/21)



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Campus Reopening Plan

Updated September 2021 | Phases 1 and 2






  1. Introduction
  2. Governance
  3. Local Health Conditions/Triggers for Reopening
  4. About Our Campus


I. People

  1. Physical Distancing
  2. Gatherings in Enclosed Spaces
  3. Operational Activity
  4. Campus Deliveries and Drop-Off

II: Places

  1. Personal Equipment
  2. Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection
  3. Phased Reopening
  4. Communications Plan

III. Processes

  1. Screening, Testing, and Vaccinations (Updated 09/21)
  2. Tracing, Tracking, and Isolation

IV. Institution Plans


Attachment A: Physical Distancing Plan

  • Physical Distancing and Space Occupancy in Phase 1
  • Physical Distancing and Space Occupancy in Phase 2
  • Sample Floor Plan and Staffing Information
  • NEW: Preparing for Future Reductions in Physical Distancing Requirements (6 feet to 3 feet)

Attachment B: Signage Plan

  • Signs By Area
  • Sample Signs

Attachment C: Covid-19 Protective Equipment Requirement

  • Recommendations for Face Coverings and Face Masks
  • Recommendations for Protective Eyewear
  • COVID-19 Protective Equipment Requirements Chart

Attachment D: Cleaning And Disinfection Plan

  • Support and Management of Cleaning and Disinfection Processes
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Processes by Area
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol for a Confirmed COVID-19 Case

Attachment E: Phase-In Plan

  • Phased Reoccupancy
  • Operations On Campus by Phase
  • Operational Activity and Phase-In

Attachment F: Ramp Down / Reclosing Plan (Updated 09/21)

  • Governance (Updated 09/21)
  • Circumstances that Warrant Closure (Updated 09/21)
  • Ramp Down Guidance

Attachment G: Communications Plan (Updated 09/21)

  • Key Messages (Updated 09/21)
  • Communications by Focus Area (Updated 09/21)
  • Confirmed Case Communications (Updated 09/21)
  • Ramp Down/Shut Down Communications (Updated 09/21)
  • Timeline (Updated 09/21)

Attachment H: Screening Plan (Updated 09/21)

  • Purpose
  • Procedure

Attachment I: Campus Reopening Committe

  • Coronavirus Campus Coordinator and Coronavirus Campus Liaison
  • The Campus Reopening Committee

Attachment J: Affirmation Form