Limiting Activity on Campus

Access to our campus is currently limited according to our Campus Reopening Plan

Students, faculty, and staff should be scheduled to come on campus, submit proof of vaccination or a have a recent negative COVID-19 test, and must follow all campus guidelines.

  • Students: please schedule an appointment with the support or resource area you want to visit.
  • If you're scheduled to come on campus as part of an approved work schedule or course, you do not need to contact us for approval each day.
  • If you're not scheduled for work, class, or an appointment, email Public Safety at with your request. Faculty and staff: please copy your supervisor (staff) or department chair (faculty) on your message.

We're also restricting the number of “invited guests,” including contractors, service personnel, and employees of DASNY (New York State's public finance and construction authority). Authorized guests must follow all campus guidelines, and provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test.


Preparing for Occupancy

The number of people in all instructional, circulation and support spaces is limited according to the maximum occupancy allowed in this reopening plan phase.

Campus Facilities (a functional area which includes the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Campus Operations, and Campus Planning & Development) has surveyed facilities and assessed how many people can occupy a space at one time given the configuration, furnishing, and circulation of the space. We're using a combination of factors to determine occupancy numbers: square footage per person, floor plan layouts, physical distancing recommendations, normal staffing levels, and any additional health and safety considerations. This information is provided to individual offices and departments to guide their planning processes; departments and offices are responsible for final decision about staffing.

The College has affixed 6 feet distance floor markings and posted health advisory, traffic direction-flow, and occupancy capacity signs for classrooms, restrooms, elevators, elevator lobbies, dining/break areas and entrance areas to remind people to maintain physical distancing and avoid congregation. Posters are placed throughout the campus to encourage use of stairs and limit density in elevators.