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Conversaciones Música
The Palladium Years
A Conversation with Joe Conzo, Sr., John “Dandy” Rodríguez
and Carlos “Cha Cha Taps” Arroyo with José Calderón

Journey back to the Palladium Ballroom era where the mambo craze began. Located at the corner of Broadway and 53rd Street, the Palladium gained stature because of the Big Three: Machito, Tito Puente and Tito Rodríguez, who were turning out mambo hit after mambo hit. Not only was the Palladium known for its music, but it was also celebrated for its dazzling mambo dancers. For its time, the Palladium was a great social equalizer: it was the ability to dance – not class or color – that gained you admission into an inclusive and diverse community of music and dance lovers.

In this special Conversaciones Música, José Calderón (The Mambo Machine, WKCR 89.9 FM and Que Viva La Música, WFDU 89.1) interviews three figures who were there at the Palladium: historian Joe Conzo, Sr., musician John “Dandy” Rodríguez and one of the Palladium's most esteemed dancers, Carlos “Cha Cha Taps” Arroyo. A must-see virtual event on the history of Latin music in New York City and the World.