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The History of Latin Music & Latin Jazz
Hosted by Joe Conzo, Sr.

This fall 2021 seminar series, presented by Continuing Education & Workforce Development, is a tribute to the history of Latin music and jazz and the musicians and artists who helped create it from the 1930s to the present. This free seminar series will highlight the diversity of the music pioneers and their impact on the history of Latin music and jazz. Learn about the musicians and artists like Graciela, known as the First Lady of Latin Jazz, Ceila Cruz, Olga Guillot, Gloria Estefan, Enrique Jorrín, Johnny Rodríquez, and more.

Hosted by Joe Conzo Sr., the noted music historian, producer, and author of Mambo Diablo: My Journey with Tito Puente.

Presented by Hostos Community College’s
Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development