Hostos Events

Se sube el telón…
     The Curtain Rises…

Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture Is Back!

Yes! Hostos Center is back!

Our stage crews are dusting off the spotlights, dancers are rehearsing their steps, musicians are tuning their instruments, and actors are memorizing their lines. It’s a cause for celebration as we reopen our two theaters to live audiences.

As a dynamic force in the cultural and artistic life of the Bronx and New York City, Hostos plays a central role in providing accessible programs that reflect and celebrate the artistic richness and diversity of our community. Our Spring 2022 Season features over 20 performances with artists who bring their exceptional talent and passions – whether its Hip Hop, Latin Jazz, Salsa, Chamber Music, Theater or Dance.

We are ready to welcome you back - in person - and take you to your seat. We’re turning the stage lights on! We’re raising the curtains for you!

It’s showtime!


  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Required: For all adults and children 5 years and older.
  • Children Under 5:  Kids under 5 are allowed admission, if a show is age appropriate. Check event for details.
  • Bring Your Mask: Wearing a mask is required inside at all times, including children 2 years old and above.
  • Social Distancing: You will be asked to practice social distancing inside.
  • Feeling Sick: If you are not feeling well, or seem to be coming down with symptoms, please stay home, get tested and care for yourself.