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    Saturday | October 29 | 8:00 p.m.
    Sunday   | October 30 | 3:00 p.m.
    Main Theater

    or call the Hostos Box Office at
    (718) 518-4455
    M-F, 10am to 5pm and two hours before show time

    RESERVED SEATING: Regular: $25, $20 | Senior: $20, $15 | Child/Student: $5

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an annual Mexican tradition in which families welcome back the souls of their deceased ancestors for a brief reunion. In this spectacular production, the Calpulli Mexican Dance Company explores a love story that spans the boundary between the living and the departed. A loving couple falls victim to treachery and is separated, seemingly forever. The young woman enters Mictlán - the underworld of Aztec mythology - where the mesmerizing Catrina reigns as queen. Folkloric and classical music mix with vibrant dances, colorful costumes, makeup and beautiful set pieces to relate this story of love.

Día de Muertos es una tradición mexicana anual en la que las familias dan la bienvenida a las almas de sus antepasados fallecidos para una breve reunión. En esta producción espectacular, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company explora una historia de amor que atraviesa el límite entre los vivos y los difuntos. Una pareja amorosa es víctima de la traición y se separa, aparentemente para siempre. La joven ingresa a Mictlán, el inframundo de la mitología azteca, donde la fascinante Catrina es reina. La música folclórica y clásica se mezcla con maravillosos bailes, coloridos disfraces y hermosos decorados.

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Calpulli Mexican Dance Company’s performances are like the traditions of Mexico: colorful, passionate, and inviting. The Company has a vibrant repertoire of dance with live music featuring cherished traditions, lesser-known stories from across Mexico, and original works capturing the Mexican American spirit. Glorious costumes, contagious rhythms, and captivating performers are the company’s trademarks. They have performed at Carnegie Hall, Jacob’s Pillow, Lincoln Center Out of Doors and across the U.S.A.