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Guy davis

Join Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen on The Evolution of an Emcee with MC Toni Blackman and Poet La Bruja. Toni Blackman is an award-winning artist and an international champion of hip hop culture - known for her irresistible, contagious performances and powerful female presence. La Bruja is an acclaimed spoken word artist, poet, actor, singer-songwriter and community activist. She became widely known for her captivating performance on Russell Simmons’s HBO Def Poetry Jam. Join us and Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen to celebrate Women’s Empowerment!

The History of Latin Music & Latin Jazz, Part XIV
Hosted by Joe Conzo, Sr.

Every Saturday through April 24
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Free Online Seminar Series

This seminar series, presented by Hostos Community College’s Continuing Education & Workforce Development, highlights the music pioneers and their impact on the history of Latin music and jazz. Film, video, and music clips add to the learning experience. Hosted by Joe Conzo Sr., noted music historian, producer, and author of Mambo Diablo: My Journey with Tito Puente.

Mhhk april 19

Join Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen on Storytelling through Dance with B-Girl Rokafella and Choreographer Mikala Sakai. Rokafella is the pioneering B-Girl known for her mastery of Break dancing and for inspiring dancers around the world. Mikala Sakai is a choreographer with a visionary gift for movement. Series co-hosts Kathleen Adams and Lah Tere will engage both female artists in a fascinating and empowering conversation on the steps they have taken to walk and perform with confidence and determination. Come Walk a Mile…with Rokafella and Mikala Sakai!

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