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Tutoring at HALC
  • Students are NOT REQUIRED to make appointments for a tutoring session.

  • Students MUST BE willing to work in groups because we cannot guarantee one-on-one tutoring sessions.

  • Tutoring sessions MAY BE limited to one hour per session to ensure that all students receive the assistance they seek in a timely manner.

  • NO cellphones and/or any other electronic devices are permitted during tutoring sessions. UNLESS they are used for academic purposes.

  • NO eating and/or drinking are allowed in the HALC at all times.

  • NO excessive and/or loud talking is allowed

  • Attending tutoring at HALC regularly can lead to students' academic success.

  • Students MUST come prepared to all tutoring sessions. This includes, but is not limited to completing all required reading, homework, and/or research assignments prior to attending a tutoring session.

  • Students can bring notes and/or drafts of assignments they are working on to receive the appropriate guidance from the respective tutor(s).

  • Students are encouraged to be active participants during tutoring sessions by asking questions and having succinct and clear ideas on the subject being tutored.

  • Tutoring is a supplementary service. It is not intended to replace your classroom teaching/lecture experience. It is necessary for students to attend ALL classes regularly to be better prepared for their tutoring sessions.

  • Tutors WILL GUIDE students in the learning process.

  • Tutors WILL LISTEN to students' questions and concerns about the subject matter being studied in order to better understand the assignments and/or questions.

  • Tutors WILL NOT correct, proofread, fix or complete your assignments. They will help you to find and correct your own errors.

  • The Policies and Guidelines of the HALC have been reviewed and updated by its tutoring staff and leadership by unanimous consent on May 27, 2015.
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