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  • Hostos Jumps Into Action to Help Those in Need

    Because of the devastation caused by the recent natural disasters in Mexico, the Caribbean, and southern United States, the College has been busy offering information about international and local relief efforts and resources.

  • Hostos Cuts the Ribbon on Huge Renovation Project

    Hostos’ transformation from a diamond in the rough to the “Jewel of the South Bronx” continued on September 20, when the incredible renovations to the B-Building were celebrated.

  • Nydia Edgecombe Retires After 40 years

    The week of September 25 was bittersweet at Hostos as Nydia Edgecombe, the longtime Director of Hostos’ Alumni Relations Office, bid her farewell after four decades of service to the College and the community.




10 Questions With...

Saint Mbakop A. Boui
Saint Mbakop A Boui

If you asked Saint Mbakop A Boui 10 years ago if he would be Hostos’ Student Government Association President and eventually attend Harvard University, he might have replied...