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CUNY Appoints Dr. Daisy Cocco de Filippis Hostos Community College Interim President




  • Hostos Student Andeilys Estrella Fosters Supportive Community Among Eng. 110 Classmates

    Hostos freshman Andeilys Estrella is combining her love for writing and desire to become an educator to find creative ways of connecting with her classmates while distance learning. 

  • Professor Maria Subert Completes Postgraduate Studies at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research

    Maria Subert brings international experience to her work as an assistant professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Unit of Hostos’ Humanities Department. Born in Hungary, fluent in a half-dozen languages, Subert has lived and studied in Budapest, Frankfurt, and Geneva as well as the United States. Her areas of expertise include intercultural communications, moral and ethical communication, hate crimes, social justice, peace and conflict, and identity narratives. 

  • “How do you teach Physical Fitness online?”

    “How do you teach Physical Fitness online?”
    That was the question Hostos adjunct assistant professor of physical education Elizabeth Cahn had to answer in the wake of Covid-19. After “hours upon hours” of thought and assessment, Cahn found that a mixture of video presentations and conference meetings worked surprisingly well. Some of the videos featured her; others drew on TED talks and a variety of physical education and nutrition-related sources. The video conferences allowed her to monitor her students’ progress as they perfected their exercise routines.