Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Hostos Community College offers students a wide array of extracurricular activities to participate in during their spare time. Students can take advantage of the events organized by the Office of Student Activities, the Student Leadership Academy, the Student Government Association (SGA), student organizations, academic departments and several other entities within the campus.

A large number of the activities that take place during the year are organized by student organizations. These organizations represent a variety of interest and fall into four different categories: Academic, Cultural, Religious or Special Interest.

How to Register or Start a Club at Hostos

Step 1: Think of the club that you would like to have/create.

Step 2: Sign up for and attend the Mandatory Club Orientation.

Step 3: Put together your Executive Board & recruit an Advisor.

Step 4: Fill out the Registration Form (officers, advisor, members).

Step 5: Submit the form for (1) review by OSA & (2) certification by SGA.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Activities, Room C-371 or call (718) 518-6561

These are the clubs/organizations that were registered for the 2017-2018 academic year

  1. 5 P's Dance Club
  2. A Cappella Club
  3. A.L.M.A. Club (Assisting Latinos to Maximize Achievements)
  4. African Club
  5. Aging and Health Club
  6. Animation Club
  7. ASAP Club
  8. Black Student Union (BSU)
  9. Business Startup Club
  10. C.A.S.A.S. Club (Central And South American Students)
  11. Capoeira Club
  12. Career Club
  13. CCSD at Hostos (Students with Disabilities)
  14. Cheerleading Club
  15. Chess Club
  16. Christian Messengers Club
  17. College Discovery Club
  18. Comic Book Club
  19. Community Health Club
  20. Dental Hygiene Club
  21. Digital Collective
  22. Dominican Club
  23. Empowering Student Parents Club
  24. Engineering Club
  25. English Club
  26. Fashion Committee
  27. Food Studies Club
  28. Free To Be Me Club (LGBTQ)
  29. Game Design Club
  30. Health and Nutrition Club
  31. Hip-Hop Club
  32. Honors Club
  33. Hostos Common Ground (Social Justice)
  34. Hostos Dream Team
  35. Latin Dance Club
  36. Law and Social Justice Club
  37. Mathematics Committee
  38. Media Production Club
  39. Modern Languages Club
  40. Muslim Club
  41. New Hope and Success
  42. Nursing Club
  43. Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (PTK)
  44. Physics Club
  45. Playwriting Committee
  46. Pre-Allied Health Club
  47. Public Administration Club
  48. Puerto Rican Student Organization
  49. Robotics Club
  50. S.T.E.M. Research Club
  51. Science Club
  52. Social Latin Club
  53. Strive Club
  54. Teachers of the Future
  55. Theater Club
  56. Veterans/ Reservists Club
  57. Video Game Club
  58. X-Ray Club