Student Government

Student Government

One of the main organizations that serves and represents the needs and interests of students at the Hostos Community College is the Student Government Association (SGA). SGA is comprised of sixteen (16) members, seven (7) of which serve as Executive Officers and nine (9) as Senators. SGA members are part of many important college-wide committees including the Hostos Association, College-Wide Senate, Auxiliary Enterprise Committee, Technology Fee Committee, Space Requests Committee and others. SGA organizes cultural, educational and social activities for the student body throughout the school year. It also assists student organizations in the planning and development of their activities. To learn more about the Student Government Association (SGA), visit one of the offices listed below or contact them via e-mail at

General Information

  • The SGA Conference Room is located in room C-534Student Government Association logo
  • SGA mailboxes are located at the SGA Conference Room (C-534)
  • All SGA Senate Meetings are open to Hostos Students and the college population
  • SGA Elections are held annually in the Spring semester
  • SGA members are elected to office for a one (1) year term

SGA Executive Board

The members of the Student Government Executive Board shall be the SGA President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations, the Budget and Finance Commissioner, the Executive Secretary and appointed by the SGA President with the Consent of the Hostos Student Senate an Evening and Part-Time Student Affairs Commissioner and a Campus Affairs Commissioner.

Thierno Diallo, President
Thierno Diallo
Room C-535
Mauricette Gbenenoui, Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations
Mauricette Gbenenoui
Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations
Room C-577
Inzamamdeen Kassim, Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair of Senate)
Inzamamdeen Kassim
Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair of Senate)
Room C-533
Ines Alejandro Soriano, Budget and Finance Commissioner (Treasurer)
Ines Alejandro Soriano
Budget and Finance Commissioner (Treasurer)
Room C-532
Celestina Cayentano, Executive Secretary
Celestina Cayentano
Executive Secretary
Room C-530
Adama Savadogo, Campus Affairs Commissioner
Adama Savadogo
Campus Affairs Commissioner
Room C-531
Oumar Diaby, Evening and Part-Time Student Affairs Commissioner
Oumar Diaby
Evening and Part-Time Student Affairs Commissioner
Room C-579

SGA Senators

The Hostos Student Senate authorizes programs and activities for the general benefit of the student body. Senators represent the student body at meetings of college or university committees, task forces and conferences.

Olawunmi Ajibola, Senator
Olawunmi Ajibola
Justin Arzola, Senator
Justin Arzola
Abdoul S. Balde, Senator
Abdoul S. Balde
Raziel BenRuben, Senator
Raziel BenRuben
Fatoumata Binta Diallo, Senator
Fatoumata Binta Diallo
Denise Herrera, Senator
Denise Herrera
Destini Mitchell-Murray, Senator
Destini Mitchell-Murray
Mushira Nasser, Senator
Mushira Nasser
Krysti Stern-Rodriguez, Senator
Krysti Stern-Rodriguez

The Hostos Student Senate members shall schedule and be present in their office Monday through Thursday for at least four (4) hours per week, two (2) of those weekly office hours must be between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

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