Health and Wellness Center

Health Services

The Health Services Office provides quality programs utilizing a holistic approach that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices as a means of disease prevention. This is achieved through education, training and collaboration with community based health service providers. Health Services is also the office responsible for immunization compliance, and together with the Office of Public Safety, is often the primary response unit for on-campus medical emergencies.

Programming is offered on topics such as diabetes and obesity prevention, nutrition and healthy eating, safe sex, cardiovascular health, hypertension, smoking cessation, and other topics tailored to individual needs.

Nurse Vasquez
P: 718-518-6542


The mission of the Wellness Office is to educate and empower the Hostos student body with respect to the growing field of wellness. We define “wellness” as a harmonious state resulting from the delicate balance of physical, emotional, spiritual, social, sexual, intellectual and environmental/occupational health. Our emphasis is on accentuating and promoting positive lifestyle choices as a way of preventing illness and disease.

By encouraging student input and participation, the office nurtures the creation of an enthusiastic and inquisitive atmosphere through which various health/wellness topics are explored. The Wellness Office integrates its programming with various academic and service units within Hostos, such as the Health Services Office, Counseling Center, Student Activities and Athletics for maximum benefit.

Ursula Sanders
Wellness Specialist
P: 718-518-4483

Fabián Wander, LMSW
Director of the Health and Wellness Center


DoVE (Domestic Violence Empowerment Program) is committed to promoting and enhancing healthy life styles, healthy relationships, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our students. Throughout the year an assortment of services, activities, and resources are offered to impact their wellness and the wellness of Hostos Community College.  These services also include assisting student victims and survivors of domestic violence in connecting to the appropriate community resources. 

Fabián Wander, LMSW
Director of the Health and Wellness Center

Empowering Student Parents (ESP)

Our Mission is to assist expectant and parenting teens and young adults to complete their secondary & post-secondary education, to maintain healthy lifestyles, be self-sufficient, and be nurturing parents. In recognizing the need for services on campus we have extended the program to include all students who are parenting or expecting regardless of age. 

The four main goals are:

  • Strengthen community systems serving expectant and parenting teens and young adults;

  • Improve the health, development, and well-being of young parents and their children;

  • Improve student parents’ self-sufficiency through educational attainment or voactional trainings

  • Increase awareness of resources available to expectant and parenting teens and young adults in each community and statewide.

Christeen Francis, LCSW, CCM
Project Coordinator
D-101 K&M
P: 718-518-4474