Business Office

Mission Statement
The Business Office provides support and assistance for the College in the areas of accounting, accounts receivable, Perkins Loan, TAP certification, the Research Foundation post award accounting, and the college revenue budget. We seek to render timely, effective, efficient, and customer friendly service to all faculty members, staff, students, and administrators, as well as customers both within and outside the University community. We strive to maintain and enforce strong professional and ethical standards, while adhering to CUNY policies and procedures.
The Business Office is headed by the Business Manager, Ken Acquah, who reports to the Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance. The department consists of two basic areas. These are the Accounting Unit, and the Student Receivables unit.
Business Office Staff
Ken Acquah Business Manager (718) 518-4369
Tom Kor Deputy Business Manager (718) 518-4273
Judy Lorell Manager of Student Accts. (718) 518-4354
Jeffrey Brewster College Accountant (718) 518-4367
Milagros Reynoso Acct. Assistant (718) 518-4359
Gloria Agosto Perkins Loan Assistant (718) 518-4347
Mayra Castaneda CUNY Office Assistant (718) 518-4370
Joseph Healy College Assistant (718) 518-4296
Janitza Gomez College Assistant (718) 518-4358