OAA Committees

Assessment Committee

Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory  Council

This cross-divisional faculty-driven committee and guided by the Faculty Development and Curriculum Committee concentrates on meeting the professional needs of faculty from across the disciplines.  A priority of this committee is to encourage faculty to rethink and put into practice innovative pedagogical methods that answer the basic and advanced needs of students to increase overall retention and graduation rates.  The Council models innovation through unconventional programming intended to inspire faculty to consistantly recreate curriculum to enhance the learning environment throughout the course of the student’s academic careers.  The Council exists to refresh and invigorate all faculty including adjuncts, and push them to excel professionally.

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Administrative Director
Faculty Development and Curriculum        
Acting Associate Dean
Dean Amanda Bernal-Carlo, B447
Faculty Chair
Education Department
América Trinidad
Fac. Dvlpmt & Curriculum
Asst. Dir. CTL
Sarah Brennan
Fac. Dvlpmt & Curriculum Karla Contreras
Business Sandy Figueroa
Education Carol Huie / Sarah Church
English Cynthia Jones
Humanities Angel Morales
Language & Cognition Paula Korsko
Library Jennifer Tang
Math Olen Dias
Natural Science Yoel Rodriguez

CW Curriculum Committee

Educational Technology Leadership Counsil

General Education Committee

The General Education and Assessment Committee is driven by cross-disciplinary faculty and administrators whose interest is to infuse the curriculum with learning experiences that are focused on skill and knowledge building that are centrally focused on the Gen Ed core competencies which span the disciplines.  The Committee promotes inclusion of the Principles of Excellence adopted by the faculty from the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).  The committee also encourages classroom assessment of student skill development, and provides guiding principles that lead faculty to develop an innovative curriculum that is rich with diverse academic learning experiences that strengthen basic and advanced-level skills and foundations of knowledge.

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Director, CTL
Faculty Development and Curriculum        
Acting Associate Dean
Amanda Bernal-Carlo
B447 / OAA / 718-518-6639
Co-chair, Education América Trinidad
C490c / Education / 718-518-6739
Allied Health Sciences Elvir Dincer
Business Sandy Figueroa
English Maria Bennett
Faculty Development & Curriculum, CTL         Sarah Brennan
Faculty Development & Curriculum Karla Contreras
Language and Cognition Patricia Frenz-Belkin
Office of Institutional Research Richard Gampert
Nat.Sci. Francisco Fernández
Hum María Miranda
Math Bronislaw Czarnocha

Global Academic Program Committee

Honors Committee

The Honors Committee was reorganized in the summer of 2009, and administers the Global Scholars program, the Hostos Scholars program, and the college’s honors programs in the Liberal Arts, Liberal Arts in Science, Engineering, Dental Hygiene, Business Management, Business, and Accounting programs. Committee members are responsible for mentoring, advising, and monitoring the progress of Honors Students, planning, organizing, and attending all Honors colloquia, events and functions, and planning winter and summer institutes and study abroad programs. The Honors Committee is chaired by the Director of Honors, and its membership consists of members of the faculty and staff. The committee liaises with the Coordinator of the Global Scholars program.
Chairperson Carl James Grindley
B442 / English / 718-319-7907
English Craig Bernardini
Behavioral and Social Sciences           Marcella Bencivenni
Behavioral and Social Sciences Felix Cardona
Humanities Orlando Hernandez
English Cynthia Jones
Education Juan Preciado
Transfer Services Lillian Acosta
Coordinator of Global Scholars Irene Garcia-Mathes

ILC Advisory Council

The committee's mandate is to establish, communicate, and monitor college-wide information technology standards, priorities and policies.  The committee works to identify and assess college-wide technology needs, and assist with strategic planning while representing the interests of faculty, staff, students, and the rest of the college community equally.  The committee ensures that college-wide decisions recognize university-wide policy and practices.
Co-Chair Isabel Li,
C596d / HALC / 718-319-7926
Co-Chair           Varun Sehgal
B429 / OIT / 718-518-6641
OIT Carl Grindley,
ACC Marisa Rodriquez,
Library Kate Lyons,
OIR Richard Gampert,
SDEM Rebecca Hoda,
OIT Carlos Guevera,
OIT Iber Poma,
IT Felix Gallindo,
IT Heba Elsayed,

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