Eligibility and Requirements

Students must satisfy the following requirements prior to enrollment:

  • Be admitted to Hostos Community College. 
  • Take the CUNY Assessment tests in Reading, Writing and Math.
  • Demonstrate need for skills development in math (only) based on your CUNY Assessment test results. Specifically, you must have received non-passing scores in both Math 1 (arithmetic/pre-algebra) and Math 2 (elementary algebra).
  • Attend an information session to learn more about the program, fill out an application and have a personal interview. 
How to prepare for an information session and personal interview:
  • Bring a photo ID and a pen to take notes.
  • Be prepared to discuss your personal commitments and responsibilities outside of school (i.e. work schedule, appointments, obligations) and explain how you will adjust your schedule to accommodate Math Start. Every student is given individual attention to make sure that Math Start is the right fit.
  • The information session and personal interview process will take approximately two hours. Please plan accordingly.

Learn More!

Contact us at 718-518-6851 or by email to attend an info session.