College Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credits

Students may transfer credits earned at other accredited colleges in the U.S. or outside the U.S., provided courses taken are comparable to those offered at Hostos Community College. The Credit Evaluator evaluates transfer credits at the Admissions and Recruitment Office prior to or during the first semester of attendance. Credits are given only for courses taken at institutions that are accredited by one of the regional accrediting commissions recognized by CUNY. The maximum number of credits that may be transferred is 30. Credits may be accepted if a grade of at least “C” was obtained. "D" grades from another CUNY college may be considered at the discretion of the academic department.

Departmental Criteria Transfer students seeking entry into the following programs must adhere to the departmental criteria for minimum GPA: Nursing, Engineering.

Transfer Credit Timelines All credits accepted for transfer are subject to the timelines established by the academic departments. Credits earned prior to these expiration dates are not accepted for transfer. Please review the attached grid on the Department Years Policy for Conferral of Transfer CreditsPDF for more information.

Prior Learning Assessment Policy

Hostos Community College (HCC) recognizes that collegiate-level learning may take place outside the college classroom or laboratory and still be relevant to HCC degree programs, consistent with HCC academic policies, standards, and mission. Students may apply to the college to receive credit for knowledge gained from such experience. It is important to understand that credit is never awarded for experience alone, but for the demonstration that the student has gained college-level learning as a result of the experience. Students are expected to articulate and demonstrate their college-level learning and to participate actively in the evaluation process.

Experiential Learning must be:

  • Career experience that directly relates to the objectives of courses taught at HCC
  • Verifiable and documented
  • A demonstration of student’s mastery of the learning outcomes
  • Evaluated by the department and determined to be substantially similar to the learning that occurs in comparable HCC course(s)


  • Credit is not awarded for experience while taking courses at Hostos Community College.
  • Awards credit only once for the same learning within a student’s overall degree.
  • Maximum award credit for life learning is six (6) credits per program.
  • Maximum award credit for physical education courses is one (1) credit.

Veterans Transfer Credit Assessment Update:

  • Effective the fall 2012 admissions cycle, the Central Admissions Process will request that all veterans applying for admission submit their military education transcripts (AARTS or SMART).  The transcript will be scanned and will be accessible electronically for future use.  CUNY Admissions will provide a preliminary evaluation of transfer credit based on the ACE suggested equivalencies and will communicate this to the college.  They will attempt to distinguish clearly between credit for class-room based courses and experiential learning.
  • The college will award transfer credit based on their own criteria.  At Hostos, Veterans’ experiential learning credits are subject to the Prior Learning Assessment Policy noted above.
  • For information on evaluation of military programs please refer to the guidelines on the  American Council on Education website.

Changing your program of study

Please note that your transfer credit evaluation is made based on the specific program of study (major) you have applied to. If you change your plan of study you may need to have your transfer credit evaluation reviewed and adjusted.

Readmit Students

If you apply for readmission and wish to have courses evaluated that you took at another institution during your absence from Hostos, please go to the Admissions office and submit your official transcript as soon as you process your readmission.

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