How To View My Awards Online

Checking your Pell status through FAFSA website:
--> Go to
--> Log in
--> Enter your personal information
Checking Pell Status
--> Enter your PIN#
--> When your information is validated,   you will be presented with the status page which will indicate if your application is “processing” or “processed”.  If you application is processed, you may view your status by scrolling down and clicking the “Student Aid Report” link.
Checking Pell Status
Make sure to read the comments about your information.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that your Financial Aid awards have been posted to your CUNY 1st account
Checking Pell Status
Checking your TAP status through TAP website:
--> On the Orange Horizontal bar, click on “Pay” or hover over “Pay” and click on “Apply for Aid – Start Here”

--> On the right, click on “Check Your TAP Status..”

Checking TAP Status
--> Log in by entering your personal information
--> After confirming your email information, click on “continue”
Checking TAP Status
--> Select the appropriate academic year and click on “View TAP Award Status”
--> Make sure to read the comments about your information.
Checking TAP Status
Checking your Financial Aid status through your CUNYfirst account:
--> Self Service
--> Student Center
--> (To the right) View your “To Do List" box. 

The “to do list” will show you if there are any other required items/steps needed to complete your Financial Aid process. If you have any items listed on your to do list, click on “more”. Each to do item will have its own link which will give you further instructions. You may see repeated items but with different colleges next to the items.  The school you will be attending will be the school you should be handling your requests with.

To complete a “Supplement Form”: 
--> (In the “Finances” section) click on “Supplement Form”

For Institution: Click on the magnifying glass --> (under “search results”) select the academic institution you will attend.  For Hostos, you may also enter “HOS01” in the box.

For Aid Year: Click on the magnifying glass --> (Under “search results”) select the Academic Year you will attend (2015 represents the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year). Complete the displayed online form, do not leave any questions blank/unanswered and click on “submit”.
  • If you do not have any items on your “to do list”, scroll down to the “Finances” section:
--> View financial aid. 
--> Select 2015 to view awards for the Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 academic year.

NOTE: Allow 24-48 after courses are enrolled for an award calculation according to your enrollment. If you have not yet enrolled in courses for the semester, the awards shown will represent full-time enrollment. To view your calculated awards as a part-time student, locate your EFC# by clicking on:
--> “Full-Yr Financial Aid Summary”, view your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) #.
       Use the following web address to view the 2014 - 2015 PELL award chart and follow instructions:
Access to student financial aid using CUNYfirst
--> In the Finances section, slick on “Account Inquiry”:
“Outstanding Charges” = Tuition
“Pending Financial Aid” = Awards being used towards your balance
“Total Due” = Your balance (a blank space or no amount indicates there is no balance)

NOTE: The amounts posted on your account may change periodically due to recently completed Financial Aid applications, registration or change of courses.  It is encouraged that you complete all college requirements in advance to avoid not making deadline requirements which can affect your payments.
NOTE: Federal Work study and Perkin Loans must be manually accepted to be received. To accept the awards (on the student center page):

--> Accept/Decline Awards
--> Select Aid Year 2015 (Financial Aid Year 2014-2015)
--> Submit
--> Confirm
For questions about your CUNYfirst account, contact:
718-518-6622 (Room C-595)