Grade Appeals

Students have the right to appeal a grade when they believe that the grade was based on factors other than the student's academic performance in the course.  The process for filing a grade appeal is as follows:
  1. The student must present written proof or justification to his/her Instructor that he/she deserves a grade change. If the request for a change of grade is denied then the student can submit her appeal to the academic program coordinator.
  2. The second level involves a meeting with the Academic Program Coordinator.  The student must submit a written report of his/her meeting with the instructor to the Coordinator.  If the Program Coordinator feels that there is sufficient cause to appeal a grade, then the Program Coordinator will initiate the appeal and forward the appeal to the Chairperson.  If the department denies the appeal, then the student can submit his/her appeal to the academic department chairperson.
  3. The third level involves a meeting with the Academic Department Chairperson, In this case, the Chairperson will review the appeal and all pertinent documents available – grade rosters, copies of papers and exams- and determine whether the appeal can be granted or not.  Once a ruling has been made, the case should be considered closed.  If the department denies the appeal, then the student can submit his/her appeal to the Academic Standard Committee.

NOTE:   Please see the listings for both Academic Program Coordinators and Academic Department Chairpersons 
 Academic Program Coordinators

Coordinator Unit Phone Email Office
Salim Rayman Dental Hygiene 718-319-7945 B-131
Kathleen Ronca RN Nurse Program 718-518-4108 A-307H
Charles Drago Radiologic Tech 718-518-4114 A-307F
Howard Jordan Public Admin & Paralegal 718-518-6587 B-334
Marta Rivera Behavioral Sciences 718-518-6569 B-319
Peter Roman Social Sciences 718-518-6575 B-326
Claude Fernandez Business Admin/Acct 718-518-6543 C-590
Sandy Figueroa Office Technology 718-518-6512 C-590
Jacqueline Disanto Teacher Education 718-518-4437 A-107G
Eunice Fleminster Gerontology 718-518-4170 A-107F
Michael Gosset Physical Education 718-518-6736 C-490
Elys Vasquez Health Education 718-518-4160 A-107C
Gregory Marks English 718-319-7958 B-450D
Angel Morales Visual & Performing Arts 718-518-6790 C-416
Walter Rada Modern Languages 718-518-6583 C-431D
Weldon Williams III Black Studies 718-518-6717 C-411B
Inmaculada Bonilla Latin/Caribbean Studies 718-518-6881 C-417
Norma Pena De Llorenz Language & Cognition 718-518-6589 B-519E
Olen Dias Mathematics 718-518-6810 B-415
Julie Trachman Biology 718-518-4132 A-507D
Dr. Nelson Nunez-Rodriguez Physical Sciences 718-518-4137 A-507H

Academic Department Chairpersons

Chairperson Department Phone Email Office
Charles Drago Allied Health 718-518-4114 A-307
Howard Jordan Behavioral & Social Sciences 718-518-6587 B-334
Hector Lopez Business 718-518-6626 C-590A
Sara Church Education 718-518-4165 A-107
Gregory Marks English 718-518-7958 B-450D
Rees Shad Humanities 718-518-6891 C-417
Karin Lundberg Language & Cognition 718-518-6847 B-519C
William Baker Mathematics 718-518-6615 B-416
Francisco Fernandez Natural Sciences 718-518-4136 A-507P