In this powerful piece Ramón Jiménez: A Community Honors a Lifetime of Achievement, Hostos Assistant Professor Howard Jordan describes an emotional and powerful gathering that took place at Hostos on September 20, that paid tribute to Ramón Jiménez, “a Harvard-trained lawyer, litigator, activist, writer, former administrative judge, and journalist” who was one of the original members of the committee to “Save Hostos” during the 19-day take over in 1976.
Jordan writes: "Scattered among the audience was a sancocho of Bronx residents, grassroots activists, students, lawyers, businesspersons, educators and labor leaders representing the various movements this gifted attorney led in our barrios."
The event itself was a communal effort involving Hostos Professor and PSC Chapter Chair Lizette Colón, the South Bronx Congress, as well as Hostos alumni Nilsa Saniel and Ponce Laspina. Other community members who contributed were Reverend Lydia Lebrón, Enrique Colón and Linda Cabán Resto.
Colón said that paying tribute to Jiménez was both an honor and a privilege.
"It was indeed a magic and energizing night, filled with great memories and old friends,” Colón said.  “I am very proud that our College supported this event, thanks in part to Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne and Deputy to the President and Assistant Vice President for College Affairs Dolly Martínez. Allowing the community to use our facilities made it possible to have the perfect setting to tribute Ramón, who was instrumental in the protest that averted the closing of our College in 1976. We are very fortunate as Ramón has been a loyal and continuous supporter of our College.”
The tribute was also covered by The New York Times with, Activist Is Celebrated at the College He Helped Save by reporter David González.
A New York Times article covering Ramon Jimenez

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