The Dominican flag
American History is composed of the lives of millions of people searching for freedom and opportunity. It draws upon many different cultures and countries. The one experience common to all is that of struggle:  to make a living, to enjoy one’s rights, to be acknowledged for one’s contributions to the life and welfare of the United States.
On January 30, Congressman Charles B. Rangel introduced legislation in Washington that acknowledges the impressive contributions made to this country by its Dominican-American citizens. The Dominican Heritage Month Resolution proudly notes, in Rangel’s words, the “unique heritage and achievements” of the 1.5 million citizens of Dominican descent in the United States.
Rangel’s Resolution supports the creation of a month of commemoration of Dominican-American culture, and would run from January 21 (the Day of The Procession of Altagracia) to February 27 (the Caribbean nation’s Independence Day).  The Congressman points to such prominent figures as Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and New York Mets Pitcher Pedro Martínez as definitive proof of the scale and scope of Dominican-American achievement. “Dominicans thrive in many different sectors,” Rangel said. “Their contributions are integral to the success of our great nation and strengthening the American fabric.”
We at Hostos Community College heartily agree with Congressman Rangel, and applaud his efforts. In observation of Dominican Heritage Month in New York State and in conjunction with African American History Month in the United States, HCC will hold various events this month. For more information, go to