Print from your own device


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Along with printing at the labs around Hostos you can also print wirelessly from your Windows or MAC laptop. You can download the software for printing.

For step-by-step Windows installation instructions click here for MAC click here.

Quick Steps for Windows users

Step 1

Click here to download software and when prompted, click on "Run".
Step 2

Click on "Install".

Note: Select yes at the security prompt.
Step 3 

Click on "Finish".

Copiers and Printers Locations
You can release your print jobs or make copies at the following locations.

Locations Number of machines Copies Print only Print and copy
Library 2nd floor 2   2  
Library 3rd floor 6     6
C595 (open lab) 3   2 1
C598 (open lab) 1   1  
    10 cents per page

  • New rates per page:
  • Black/White one sided $ .10
  • Black/White double sided $ .05
  • Color one sided $ .30 (available at the Library only)
  • Color double sided $ .30 (available at the Library only)

Library 2nd floor/ C-595/ C-598: - All machines accept username and password.
Library 3rd floor - All machines accept username and password, and swipe card.
All printing is Duplex (double sided) by default.