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HOSTOS has an Advisement system that can be accessed from any computer and gives students the power to understand their major requirements!

Hostos Academic Degree Audit (HADA)

The Hostos Academic Degree Audit (HADA) will help you to:

  • See how all of your courses apply to your current program
  • Avoid registering for courses you don’t need
  • View how your courses would apply before changing your major
  • Keep track of your academic progress. And much more!

HADA can now be accessed through the CUNY portal!

For students/advisors who already have a CUNY portal ID: Once you log-in and are in your "My Page" the "Student Advisement/Degree Audit" should be listed among the selection. Selecting this will open the Hostos Academic Degree Audit. You must then click on the “Audit” tab and then the “View Audit” button. NOTE: We recommend that you review the Frequently Asked Questions information by clicking on the “FAQ” button (on the top right) prior to viewing the audit for the first time.

For students/advisors that do not have a CUNY portal ID, the directions below will help you create an account:

STEP 1: IIn order to access the Hostos Academic Degree Audit program on-line, you will need to have created a log-in account to the CUNY portal. If you do not already have a CUNY portal ID: go to www.cuny.edu and among the selections on the bottom left, click on “Log-in.” This will bring you to the Portal Log in page.
STEP 2: Click on the “Register Now!” link.
STEP 3: Select the option that best describes your current affiliation with CUNY (student, staff, or faculty).
STEP 4: On the user validation screen, enter your Last Name, Social Security number and Date of Birth.
STEP 5: Click on the “Next” button then confirm the information you entered by clicking on the “confirm” button. This will lead you to the area where you can finish setting up your user name, email address and password.

NOTE: If the system states that you already have an account, you can go to the Hostos Help Desk (C-595) and complete a “CUNY Portal/Hostos Email Trouble Ticket” for them to locate your user name and password.
STEP 6: The next screen will contain information regarding (A) user name, (B) password, and (C) your Hostos email address.
(A) A user name will be assigned to you. You can either keep this User Name (make sure to write it down) or change it. If you decide to submit a different user name, the system will not allow you to select a user name that already exists.
(B) You create the password (must be at least 6 characters). Make sure to write down your password.
(C) You can choose to list a different email other than your Hostos, but the risk is that if CUNY email is ever reported as “spammed” the system will not be able to send you information to your designated email and will revert back to your Hostos email. We recommend that you keep the Hostos email just for this purpose.

Once you have completed Step 6, please follow the directions for “For students/advisors that already have a CUNY portal ID” (above).

IMPORTANT: Although most currently enrolled students can view an audit, students who are best advised using HADA are: Students who entered FALL 2004 or thereafter, those whose programs have not been recently revised, and/or state certified programs (Radiologic Technology, Dental Hygiene and Nursing).

Students can contact the Office of Academic Advisement, Room C-353 for more information: Call 718-518-6547 or e-mail AcademicAdvisement@hostos.cuny.edu.

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