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New York State Financial Aid Academic Requirements

The New York State Department of Education has established a set of rules for students receiving awards from the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) as well as other State funded financial aid programs, including Scholarships and Fellowship Programs.

The requirements apply to all TAP Recipients (including incoming freshman, continuing students, transfer students, and readmitted students) and have been in effect in all Colleges and Universities within New York State since the Summer/Fall 1981 semester.

In addition to the income requirements, full-time student status [a combination of at least 3 academic credits and 12 billable credits the first semester, 6 and 12 respectively thereafter, in courses that meet the graduation requirements for your curriculum/major], New York State residency, and U.S. Citizenship, you must: (1) complete the courses which you enroll in each semester [see Completion of Courses], (2) maintain a satisfactory grade point average, and (3) take a sufficient number of courses each semester to complete your degree within three years.

If you are canceled from a course section, decide to drop courses, or withdraw from college during the semester, be sure to seek advisement on the effect this action will have on your TAP award.  Be sure to see a financial aid counselor before you complete the drop or withdrawal transaction.

These TAP rules concern your academic performance and will only be used to determine whether you can continue to receive funds from the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and other State financial aid awards.  They do not replace Hostos Community College regular academic requirements which appear in the College Catalog in the section entitled “Academic Standards Policies and Procedures.”

Completion of Courses – in each semester of the first year of TAP supported study, you must register full-time and complete at least six (6) credits or a combination of credits, and billable equated credits totaling six, with passing or failing grades. Billable equated credits represent remedial and developmental course work.

In each semester of the second year of TAP supported study, you must register full-time and complete at least nine (9) credits or a combination of credits and billable equated credits totaling nine with passing or failing grades.

In all semester of TAP supported study after the second year, you must register full-time and complete twelve (12) credits, or billable equated credits, with passing or failing grades.

Credit Accumulation – You will have to accumulate credits toward your degree at an acceptable rate.  Your credit accumulation rate must be sufficient to allow you to earn an Associate Degree in no more than three (3) years of full-time TAP supported study.  Students who are in special programs (College Discovery) may be allowed more time.

You can view the TAP academic progress charts by clicking here.

The Maintenance of a Satisfactory Grade Point Average – This rule requires that you maintain a satisfactory grade-point average that will reach at least a 2.0 or “C” average by the time you have four (4) semesters of State Financial Aid.

Exceptions – In unusual circumstances students can receive a one-time waiver of these requirements.  Detailed information regarding this as well as the above requirements are mailed to eligible students.

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