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The Counseling Center

How to Make an Appointment
The Counseling Center emphasizes that no problem is too small to seek counseling for, whether academic or personal.  Students access the services of the Counseling Center in a number of ways.
Freshmen who take the course, “College Orientation and Academic Planning” (SSD 100), develop a relationship with a counselor during the course, which informs new students about essential college policies and procedures, and helps them develop skills for success in their college careers and personal lives. Freshmen who take this course may make an appointment directly with the counselor teaching the section for which they are registered, or by calling the Center, or dropping in.

Students may also initiate contact themselves, to address any number of issues, either by calling the Center at 718-518-4351 or dropping in to schedule an appointment. In some instances, faculty or staff refer a student for counseling.

When a student needs to see a counselor because of serious emotional or personal problems, no appointment is necessary. Intake staff will facilitate an immediate meeting with a counselor who may, depending on the situation, contact Health Services or Campus Safety to arrange for the City’s Emergency Services to come to the college to assist the student.

Issues Students Typically Want to Address with a Counselor

  • Academic and social pressures of college
  • Personal trauma, loss or unresolved problem
  • Academic difficulties
  • Domestic violence
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Managing stress
  • Problems in relationships
  • Problems with substance abuse
  • Thoughts about suicide

Counseling is a process in which professional skills, knowledge and experience are applied in a collaborative process that actively involves students in helping themselves. Students can expect counselors to promote a mutually trusting and respectful relationship in which they can discuss their concerns in a frank and open manner. They can also expect to learn new skills and ways of understanding and managing their lives.

External Referrals
Counselors may refer students to one of the many to external resources for services not available at the college.

Useful Counseling Resources for Students
There are many useful Internet resources that students may use to obtain information. The Center’s staff has identified some that we have found helpful in our work with students. Students are cautioned to use these materials carefully and to consult with the Counseling Center regarding any questions they may have about the topic or issue about which they are seeking information.

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