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New York State Model Senate Session Project Participants 2010

New York State Model Senate Session Project 2010
Participants from Hostos Community College 2010
Issue for Debate: Term Limits

The Spectacular Six participate in a debate on the hot topic of term limits in New York City and New York State Politics.

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Melissa Aurora Diaz Melissa Aurora Diaz (R, C) represented District 39 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator William J. Larkin, Jr. and staunchly cast her vote to not accept term limits. Melissa wowed the house with her ardent appeal to her fellow senators to vote against the MS-14 Bill that was being debated. She suggested that the bill would force representatives to make hasty decisions in an effort to accomplish things and for election purposes. Melissa is a former member of the Hostos Emerging Leaders Program, a member of the Hostos Global Scholars Program and a current member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy’s Ambassador Program. Melissa had a very busy 2009-2010, performing on stage in a play entitled, “Siempre Se Olvida Algo (You Always Forget Something), singing and performing at her own concert, “Prima Divas: New Voices from the Bronx” and serving as a member of the 2010 National Model United Nations Team, sitting on the Commission on the Status of Women. Melissa also graduated in June 2010 as the Valedictorian, and will be studying at International Relations and Politics at Columbia University in the fall of 2010.

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Antoine Dyette Antoine Dyette (D) represented District 30 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator Bill Perkins. Antoine, originally from France found that learning about New York politics was a valuable opportunity. In 2008, Antoine received great training and experience in United States Presidential politics, when he helped locally, with the Barack Obama campaign. This also led to Antoine’s desire to run for the position of Vice President for Academic affairs in the 2010-2011 Student Government Elections at Hostos Community College. Antoine is currently studying Criminal Justice and hopes to continue to develop an understanding of and for political discourse and the governance process.

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Imane Elomari Imane Elomari (D) represented District 16 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky. Imane debated the MS-14 Bill on term limits, by suggesting that non ensuring that representatives are term limited would lead to corruption. Imane, originally from Morocco has begun to learn and question all United States and world politics and she makes an effort daily to try to re-envision a world where there is more just ace and peace than there is violence and injustice. Imane is a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy’s Ambassador Program and a participant in the French and Italian Club. She has been selected by the CUNY Leadership Academy to be interviewed for its fellowship program.

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Rudolf Mbadinga Rudolf Mbadinga (R) represented District 44 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator Hugh T. Farley. Rudy who regularly muses over his heart’s desire to become President of his home country, Gabon, reminded his fellow senators of the meaning of democracy as stated by Abraham Lincoln. He is a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy’s Emerging Leaders Program and was the winner of the 2009 Hostos Leadership Academy Debate Competition the subject of Plato’s “Apology of Socrates.” Rudy was also a delegation member of the 2010 National Model United Nations Team and served along with his fellow country-mate, Elvine Belinda Andjembe on the General Assembly First Committee; which dealt with Illicit Arms Sales, The Control of Conflict Materials and The Privatization of War: Employing and Arming Independent Militias. Rudolf is also a proud member of the French and Italian Club.

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Diana Sanchez de Pena Diana Sanchez de Pena (R/I/C) represented District 42 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator John J. Bonacic. Model senator Diana urged her colleagues to “follow the principles of dictates and not politics.” Diana, a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy’s Ambassador Program is also a member of the Global Scholars Program and was a Head Delegate at the 2010 National Model United Nations, where she sat on the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Diana is a dedicated student, who finds pleasure in working hard, but finds greater joy in the accomplishment of helping others. She is a leader amongst her peers and makes impact socially and politically each and every day.

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Elizabeth Seworye Elizabeth Seworye (R/I/C) represented District 11 and sat in the seat of New York State Senator Frank Padavan. Elizabeth made thoughtful use of her vote and assured her colleagues that if they did not follow their consciences there would be a price to pay. Elizabeth is a recent graduate of the RN Nursing Program at Hostos Community College and has been a member of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy’s Ambassador Program for two years. She as the 2007 winner of the Student Leadership Academy Debate Competition on the issue of: Immigrants receiving equal treatment in colleges and universities. Elizabeth was also a 2009-2010 member of the Hostos Student Government Association, where she served as Executive Secretary. Originally from Ghana , West Africa, Elizabeth has relished her opportunities to debate here, in the United States of America in a variety of venues.

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Model Senate logoThe Model New York State Senate Session Project is an annual leadership development program, run by the ETR Internship Program in collaboration with the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force of the New York State Legislature and the State University of New York. Each year, more then 60 CUNY and SUNY students are brought together for a series of intensive training seminars on stare policy formulation, legislative processes, representation and leadership. CUNY students are selected for participation from their home campuses through the offices of their respective college presidents, provosts and student affairs officers. The ETR Internship Program coordinates the selection process for CUNY. The seminars include visits from prominent NYS legislators and guest lecturers. The program culminates with students debating bills on the floor of the New York State Senate chamber in Albany. Participating students are also given the opportunity to compete for scholarship awards. Through participation in the process of legislative decision-making, students further their organizational, research and public speaking skills by means of a model legislative seminar. By working on a legislative agenda that they develop, the students play an integral role in their pursuit of a public service education. Moreover, they are introduced to a “hands-on” approach to involvement in the political and policy processes that affect them, their families and their communities.

For More Information on the New York State Model Senate Session Project, or to fill out an application, please visit:

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