Maria Delgado
Nursing-Registered Nurse Program
Hostos Student Ambassador
Bronx CUNY Scholarship Winner

Maria DelgadoMaria Delgado was born in the country of Honduras in Central America and arrived in America in 1991 along with her mother and two brothers. The long journey that Maria has been on has taken her through a variety of roles in her life and led her to a place, where she finally feels that she is achieving her goals. Maria is in her fifth semester here at Hostos and is studying to be a Registered Nurse. Her ultimate goal is to work in the health care field in order to satisfy her deep desire and conviction to help others who are in need.

Maria has been a member of the Hostos Leadership Academy’s Student Ambassador Program since May of 2007 and in her time as an Ambassador she has flourished as both a leader and as a stalwart contributor to not only the Hostos community, but also to City University of New York and to the City of New York itself. Maria has participated in a variety of community service outreach activities; feeding the hungry, helping the sick and most notably working with children who have special needs. Maria has been touched by young children with incurable diagnosed illnesses and by children who have been brought to this country, from locales around the world that are war torn. Her passion for working with children is most visibly seen in her love for her own, but every time Maria is around a child, with a special need or not, she treats them as if they are the singular source of eternal youth in the universe.

Maria DelgadoMaria has given testimony in support of the CUNY Compact, protested cutbacks to the CUNY and stood side by side with assemblymen, other CUNY students and members of the Chancellery to advocate for CUNY to have a contract with the City to secure its place as an integral part of the lives of New Yorkers and their children. Because of her outstanding work, Maria was selected to serve as one of the two student representatives on the Hostos Presidential Search Committee and she is also a two time winner of a Bronx CUNY Scholarship.

Maria served as the Deputy Minority Leader in the 2008 Model Senate Session Project in Albany, where she was one of ten strong women that represented Hostos Community College and debated the topic of congestion pricing on the State Senate Floor.

When asked about her Hostos Experience, Maria proudly states:

“I fell in love with the school the minute I first crossed the bridge and the first thing that I saw in the C building were all the flags representing the different countries that identify all of the culture that we have here at Hostos.

Many good things have happened at Hostos for me and I have met great individuals who I consider to be mentors, friends and family along the hard road of the career that I have chosen for myself.”

Maria is currently married and has two children, (one of whom is a student at the Hostos Children’s Center) and she is a resident of the Bronx.

Maria Delgado was elected in April 2009 to serve as a Senator in the Student Government Association for the 2009-2010 school year. She will serve as the Part Time and Evening Commissioner.

Maria Delgado is currently studying at Lehman College.