Student Profiles

  • Wendy Fernández

    Wendy Fernández

    Hostos engineering student Wendy Fernández might not look like your typical engineer, but she is part of a growing number of female students who are trying to change this educational anomaly.
  • Donita Sessions

    Donita Sessions

    To people who have served their country, Veterans Day is a special day. But for Air Force veteran and Hostos student, Donita Session, every day should be Veterans Day.
  • Jolisel Vargas-López

    Jolisel Vargas-López

    Jolisel Vargas-López doesn’t just want to help make a difference; she wants to create the difference.
  • Makea Lowe

    Makea Lowe

    It is hard to walk around the Hostos Community College campus and not run into Makea Lowe. Lowe lends her support to countless events, and as a Student Ambassador, she has also made a huge difference in the community.
  • Orlando Roche

    Orlando Roche

    Hostos student Orlando Roche is a hard worker; that is impossible to deny. But it has been his work helping others that has made him stand out.
  • Fevidaury Valerio

    Fevidaury Valerio

    Fevidaury Valerio Arias is one of two Hostos Students to receive the 2014 CUNY Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Leadership Award.
  • Profile of Ameen Alhubaishi

    Ameen Alhubaishi

    Ameen has a 3.845 GPA and is studying Mechanical Engineering.
  • Profile of Dario Peralta

    Dario Peralta

    Nineteen-year-old Darío Peralta has lived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Lathrop, California...
  • Qudus Lawal

    Qudus Lawal

    was born in Nigeria, West Africa in 1990 and grew up there with his six siblings until his father, who was already living in the United States decided to move the rest of his family here in 2008 after Qudus finished high school. Qudus is the brother of Hostos Student Ambassador Jubril Lawal, who in fall of 2008 had the rare opportunity to go...
  • Bien Naomi Pocorni

    Bien Naomi Pocorni

    was born in Suriname, South America in 1988. She and her parents moved to Holland three years later and Bien grew up there and studied in Rotterdam at Caland Lyceum. She had hoped to study medicine in her country, but discovered that there were more significant and exciting opportunities available to her in the United States, so in...
  • Camonghne Felix

    Camonghne Felix

    also known as Ka’Mone, is a freshman majoring in Liberal Arts at Hostos Community College. She is mentored by Prof. Weldon C. Williams III, Coordinator of the Black Studies Unit of the Department of Humanities, and she serves as an officer in the Black Student Union. Ka’Mone came to Hostos in August 2010 from Bronx Community High...
  • Jubril Lawal

    Jubril Lawal

    was born in Flatbush, New York in 1986 and raised in Ogun State, Nigeria from the age of one until he turned seventeen. In Nigeria, Jubril fell in love with the sciences and was part of the JET Club. In the year that he graduated and turned seventeen, he returned to the United States by himself to pursue a higher education and to find a job in a...
  • Katherine Triunfel Rodriguez

    Katherine Triunfel Rodriguez

    was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic on March 26, 1992. Katherine attended grade school and high school in her country. After finishing her high school studies and graduating with a 4.0 GPA, Katherine applied to enroll in one of the most distinguished universities in Dominican Republic, Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre...
  • Mark Cruz

    Mark Cruz

    was born in “Spanish Harlem” in May of 1981 and grew up in New York City. He attended Norman Thomas High School and dropped out, because of the difficulties of life. He decided instead to get his GED and completed that in a timely manner. He started working part time with the Boys Club of New York and realized that in order to get a good paying...
  • Gretcher Hernandez

    Gretcher Hernandez

    was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic in 1993. She was raised by her mother and grandmother and attended private school for most of her young academic career prior to coming to the United States of America in 2009 after she graduated from high school. The decision to come to the United States at the age of fifteen for Gretcher...
  •  Michael A. Cruz

    Michael A. Cruz

    was born in Manhattan to parents who migrated to New York City from Puerto Rico. His dad was born and raised in Arecibo and his mother was born and raised in the Capital, San Juan. Michael is the second youngest child of seven and spent the early years of his life in New York, but then travelled around the country and lived in Michigan, Florida...
  • Aboudoubaki Boukari

    Aboudoubaki Boukari

    was born in Togo, West Africa and started his college education at Defitech, which is a private school in his home country, where he began his studies in accounting. In 2007, Aboudoubaki won a visa lottery and decided to come to the United States to get a more well-rounded education. After a few months studying English at a New York Language...
  • Ashlee Bustamente

    Ashlee Bustamente

    was born in New York City, New York in October of 1990 and raised in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx, where she has lived for all of her life. Ashlee attended private parochial schools in the Bronx, where she studied religion and all traditional subject areas. She studied first at the Immaculate Conception School from the Kindergarten to the...
  • Enoch Sowah

    Enoch Sowah

    was born in Accra-Ghana, West Africa in 1991 and grew up with his mother and two older sisters. He attended Prempeh College, an all-boys boarding school in Kumasi Ghana. In high school, Enoch became heavily involved in student politics and debate. He represented the school at every debate competition and won several awards and received...
  • Manuel Mercedes

    Manuel Mercedes

    was born in El Seibo, Dominican Republic in 1991 and spent most of his first 17 years in Santo Domingo. Manuel studied at Catholic institutions throughout his formative years and he began to be very engaged in athletic activities, such as swimming, which was a sport that he was talented enough in, that he won two medals when he was...
  • Elvia Bustos Acevedo

    Elvia Bustos Acevedo

    was born in Santiago Collantes, in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico in 1986, where she grew up with one brother and four sisters. Elvia is the oldest child. She lived with both parents until the age of four and then lived for two years with her extended family after her parents separated. She moved back in with her mother at the age of six and lived...
  • Ruth Romero

    Ruth Romero

    was born in the Capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo in May of 1988. She and her two brothers; Alexander and Emmanuel, were raised by her mother and her step-father in a quiet part of the City. Ruth grew up believing that she would become a scientist, because she was passionate about discovering new things. Ruth began her...
  • Herminio Torres

    Herminio Torres

    was born in East Harlem to a father who migrated to the United States from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and a mother from Corleone, Sicily. He grew up in Queens. His parents worked hard to provide a middle-class lifestyle for Herminio and his siblings. Herminio always had a passion for science, but athletics consumed most of his time as a youth...
  • Oyamiwa Walker

    Oyamiwa Walker

    was born and raised in "the City of Brotherly Love" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Growing up, Oyamiwa dreamt of going to college to study dance, because as a child she had a natural gift for movement that she truly wanted to explore. However, before she had the chance to pursue her studies and a career in dance, she had her first child, Brand...
  • Latoya Speller

    Latoya Speller

    was born in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx in New York City. She attended Elementary school at PS 49, Elijah D Clark JHS 149 and went to high school at Grace Dodge. However, she was unable to complete high school due to circumstances beyond her control. She left school and would later peruse her General Education Diploma (GED)...
  • Lesny Suazo

    Lesny Suazo

    was born in Tela Atlantida, Honduras in Central America. She attended school in her home country, where she only completed her education through the tenth grade. When Lesny arrived in the United States in 1986 she had plans of returning to school and getting her education, however she had to put her plans on hold, because she became...
  • George Alvarenga

    George Alvarenga

    was born a few short blocks from Hostos Community College at Lincoln Hospital and was raised and still lives on Dyckman Street in the Inwood section of Manhattan. George was raised by a mother from the Dominican Republic and a father from El Salvador and in his upbringing the diversity of his home revealed the contradictions, the inspired...
  • Michele Quintero Williams

    Michele Quintero Williams

    was born in the Bronx, New York at Lincoln Hospital on March 7th, 1988 and has lived in this neighborhood for her entire life. Michele is in her last semester at Hostos Community College and will graduate in January of 2011. When Michele arrived at Hostos she chose to study Office Technology, but after a couple of semesters...
  • Adelyn Castro

    Adelyn Castro

    was born in The Bronx, New York in 1985 to Dominican parents. She attended Christ the King school on the Grand Concourse for both elementary and middle school. When her father died in 1997, her mother moved her to the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx. After she graduated from Christ the King school, she attended Humanities Preparatory...
  • Melissa Diaz

    Melissa Diaz

    was born in the Bronx, New York to Dominican mother and a Puerto Rican father. She grew up in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx by Poe Park and attended several schools in the Bronx and Manhattan; including The Legacy School for Integrated Studies, before going to the Dominican Republic to study from 1997-2000. When she returned to...
  • Madelin Gutierrez

    Madelin Gutierrez

    was born in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States in November of 1990 to reunite with family that was already living in the United States. Raised and educated by her parents in the South Bronx, Madelin found herself at the top of her class and excelling in all of the subjects that she chose to study. She was so...
  • Sandra May Flowers

    Sandra May Flowers

    was born in Nottingham, England and arrived on the shores of the United States in 1980. Over the course of her time in the States, Sandra May has worked as both an actress and as an activist. She is constantly working to improve the lives of others and when she finds a spare moment or two she explores her artistic side and acts, writes and...
  • German Santos

    German Santos

    was born in New York City at St. Luke’s Hospital on April 20th, 1983. He grew up in Morningside Heights with his mother Altagracia and his twin brother, David. His mother had to go through many struggles in her life to make sure that she would be able to provide a decent home and an education for her two sons.
  • Andrei Stratulat

    Andrei Stratulat

    was born in Galati, Romania in 1985 and came to the United States to study as an International Student in 2004, when he moved to Minnesota to attend Concordia College. Andrei was not satisfied with his course of study at Concordia and he had a desire to move to New York City and attend the City College of New York to study Electrical...
  • Yissely Ortiz

    Yissely Ortiz

    was born in the beautiful tropics of the Dominican Republic in 1987. She came to the United States to be reunited with her father in 1992 and since then she has fallen in love with New York City and all of its unique qualities. She was raised in Manhattan and has a strong connection to the heart of the City that stems from her youthful experiences there...
  • Rudolf Mbadinga

    Rudolf Mbadinga

    was born in Libreville, Gabon on May 3rd, 1980 and grew up in a modest home with his parents and four siblings. Rudy attended grade school and high school in Gabon and then was sent by his parents to study English and Business Administration in Ghana, West Africa. He lived in Ghana from 2002-2005 and he served as the President of the...
  • Imane Elomari

    Imane Elomari

    was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1989 and she had the chance to travel around the world, while she was very young, with her parents who were United Nations Diplomats. Imane took great pleasure in visiting the places that she went to; the foods, the cultures, the languages and even the people, but in reflecting upon her past now, she...
  • Radhames Toribio

    Radhames Toribio

    was born in the Dominican Republic on September 8th, 1994, in the City of San Francisco de Macoris. The Toribio family worked hard to prepare their children to become professionals in life and by making those efforts, they had to make hard decisions about where the family would settle and how they would raise their children. Radhames began his...
  • Crisne Lebron

    Crisne Lebron

    was born in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic on February 18th, 1990 and after spending the first sixteen years of her life in her country she came to the United States with her mother and sister in 2008 to reunite with her father. While in the Dominican Republic, Crisne was selected to be a part of a special program called the United Nations...
  • Rosa Elena Calleja Gomez

    Rosa Elena Calleja Gomez

    was born on May 6th, 1978 in Mexico in the city of Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla. When she was a child her parents were divorced and she and her four siblings were separated into many houses. Rosa’s two eldest siblings went to live with her father and her three younger siblings stayed with her in their grandmother’s home, while Rosa’s mother
  • Gael Georges

    Gael Georges

    was born to excited parents in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1981 and was raised for nineteen years on that island. He moved to the United States and New York City in 2000 to pursue his college education and explore better options for his life. After much consideration, and coming to an understanding about the cost of a college education, Gael joined...
  • Theudys Mejia-Perez

    Theudys Mejia-Perez

    was born in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. He arrived in the United States of America in August of 2006, (as a part of a group of extraordinarily talented students,) with a scholarship from the SEESCyT (Secretaria de Estado de Educacion Superior Ciencia y Tecnologia) to study at Hostos Community College and also to develop his...
  • Liliete Lopez

    Liliete Lopez

    was born in Nicaragua on January 16, 1977. She lived in that country for the first thirteen years of her life and then moved to the United States. In her country of origin, Liliete was not allowed to attend school, because she had a disability. Liliete is vision impaired and although she started to get an education later in life than most people, she...
  • Michelle Lara-Arthur

    Michelle Lara-Arthur

    was born in Trinidad, in the West Indies and came to the United States of America in September of 1995. She is the mother of four children and has an abundance of energy and stamina. Michelle returned to school to continue her education, which was interrupted by the birth of her children. Once Michelle returned to school she made it...
  • Maria Delgado

    Maria Delgado

    was born in the country of Honduras in Central America and arrived in America in 1991 along with her mother and two brothers. The long journey that Maria has been on has taken her through a variety of roles in her life and led her to a place, where she finally feels that she is achieving her goals. Maria is in her fifth semester here at Hostos and is...
  • Timothy Tambe

    Timothy Tambe

    was born in Cameroon and arrived in the United States in 2005 to study and to make a better life for his sister and himself. When he first arrived in New York City he was amazed to see how different the world was on this side of the globe. However, after almost four years of living in New York City, Timothy has discovered that New York is the most...
  • Yezmin Pena

    Yezmin Pena

    of Colombian heritage was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and arrived in the United States in 2003 to pursue her dream of getting an education. When she first arrived in the United States she did not speak any English, but over the past two years, Yezmin has blossomed and become one of the strongest representatives of the college as one of the...
  • Elizabeth Soriano

    Elizabeth Soriano

    was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States in 2004. In a very short time as a student at Hostos Community College, Elizabeth has participated in a variety of programs and been supported by the entire college community in her search to find the road that she wants to travel on. Elizabeth’s goal is to become...
  • Kerri-Ann Mchayle

    Kerri-Ann Mchayle

    was born in Jamaica in a small town in the parish of St. Elizabeth. She arrived in the U.S. six years ago and now lives in the Northeast Bronx. Kerri-Ann is in her third semester here at Hostos and besides being an officer of the Praise Christian Club and the Black Student Union she is also an outspoken and vital member of the Hostos...