• What do I do to reserve a computer lab or equipment available at ACC?

    Reserve computer labs, smart rooms or any of the equipment using our reservation system online at http://oit.hostos.cuny.edu/reserve.

  • What do I need to create a reservation in the online reservation system?

    You just need an active faculty/staff username and password, this is the same username and password used to access your Hostos e-mail account. For assistance with your Hostos username and password please access http://www.hostos.cuny.edu/infotech/html/contactus.html

  • How do I find out if the Center is open?

    To enquire about the center Operational hours, contact the Main Office C-513, Tel. 718-518-6646 or the Help Desk, Tel. 718-518-6622.

  • Can I print or make photocopies at the open lab?

    Yes, we have printers and copy machines available for the students at the open lab.

  • Do I have to pay for printing or copying services at the open lab?

    You have an account created when you register at Hostos Community College and a balance is added to that account each semester out of the technology fee paid. Said account is charged when you print or copy. That means that you may print/copy without having to add money to your account until you use the balance received from the technology fee.

  • What account do I use to print/copy in the open lab?

    To print/copy you use the username and password used to access your Hostos e-mail account.

  • Where do I find my e-mail username and password or obtain help with my Blackboard/CUNY account?

    To request paper for classroom labs contact the Main office C-513, ext. 6646.

  • Where can I obtain help using computer equipment and applications needed for my academic work?

    The ACC provides tech tutors trained to assist you with any technical issues that you might have. The tech tutors can help you use applications such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.), SPSS, QuickBooks, etc. Tech tutors also can help you use blackboard, CUNY portal and Internet browsers.

  • What do I do to report a broken computer in the ACC?

    To report a classroom-teaching lab computer or printer problem please call main office 6646, each lab has a telephone to make easier to reach our office for technical support.

  • Can I install software I need to use for class or personal use?

    No, adding software to our system can create security risks and cause unintended consequences for other applications. Any software has to be tested carefully. The ACC must also verify and comply with all software licensing requirements; therefore we will not permit students, faculty or instructional staff to install software applications on the system we manage.

  • What are the lab rules?

    Most common rules include the following:

    • Children are not allowed in the labs
    • Absolutely not food or drink in the labs
    • Cellular conversation are prohibited in the labs


    ACC rules are posted in all classroom-teaching labs, as well as the open lab.