What's New

Fall 2007: Three new heavy-duty printers were added to the Open Lab and, with the assistance of the Information Technology Department, the Academic Computing Center implemented a new printing system. We replaced our dedicated print server for a Pharos printing solution. With this new service we were able almost eliminate unnecessary printing, reduce the printing costs, lessen our impact on the environment, and enhance the printing security. This service also allows students to send print jobs from anywhere in the campus and retrieve the print job at the Open Lab or the Library.

Spring 2008: 160 Laptops were added and the “Computers on Wheels” were created. The laptops are divided into 4 carts containing 30 laptops each and 2 carts containing 20 laptops each. These carts are delivered to any class-room on campus.

Spring 2008: Our online reservations system was created, making the process of reserving computer labs and equipments fast and easy. Faculty and Staff can make reservations from any location over the internet.

Spring 2008: A Studying area within the Open Lab was created. 4 studying tables and 3 sofas were included to provide a quiet studying atmosphere at the Open Lab.

Fall 2009: A new system of access control was introduced at the Open Lab. Starting November 09, 2009 every student/alumni using the open lab is required to scan his/her Hostos ID before entering and leaving the room. This provides more security and allows better allocation of resources.

Spring 2010: 60 New laptops were added to our inventory on April 2011. That is three new carts with 30 computers each to expand the computer on wheels services. The new laptops are Latitude E5410 and have Intel i3 processors @ 2.53GHZ and 4GB of RAM.

Spring 2010: The ACC has increased the number of Multimedia Carts (also known as “carritos”). We expanded from 3 to 9 Multimedia Carts (MMC). Each cart consists of one laptop, one projector and speakers.

Fall 2011: Quick Learn sessions have been offered to students since Fall 2011. These are free 20 minutes sessions in different computer topics. Session location C-598, contact information 718-518-6622 or see Help Desk in C-595.

Spring 2011: 30 new Optiplex 380 computers replaced the GX520 at C-592 during spring break 2011. The new Optiplex 380s have Intel Pentium Dual Core processors @ 3.20GHZ and 4GB of RAM.

Spring 2012: 30 New laptops plus 10 extras  were added to our inventory on January 2012. That is one new carts with 30 computers each to expand the computer on wheels services. The new laptops are Acer TravelMate-8473t  and have Intel core i5 processors @ 2.30GHZ and 4GB DDR3 of RAM.

As Spring 2012: 17 Smart Rooms were created. Each room is equipped with smart board interactive technology. This technology helps improve students’ learning outcomes. It combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, helping teachers deliver more dynamic lessons. The Smart Rooms include projectors, touch-screen, DVD and VCR players, hi-resolution sound and audio/video recording capabilities.